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A Nocturne for Heroes was a Final Fantasy XV collaboration event for Final Fantasy XIV released in in April 2019 during the 4.55 live patch. It returned for a limited time on September 13, 2021, during the 5.55 live patch.

The collaboration features Noctis Lucis Caelum entering the world of Hydaelyn with the Regalia, where he joins the Warrior of Light in battle against magitek infantry, magitek armor, and the Messenger Garuda hailing from Eos.

The Regalia is a reward for participants, and is the game's first ever 4-seat mount. Other rewards include Noctis's hairstyle and outfit for players to wear, an exclusive Triple Triad card of Noctis, and orchestrion rolls that play Final Fantasy XV music.


The Warrior of Light meets with Kipih Jakkya, a reporter for the Eorzean tabloid paper The Raven. She informs them of a story she has been following, where a mysterious vehicle has been seen in Thanalan, which is rumored to possibly be Garlean magitek machinery. While searching for the vehicle in Central Thanalan, the Warrior of Light meets with a young man named Noctis Lucis Caelum, who asks for their assistance in moving his broken down car.

While pushing it through Thanalan, several Ironwork technicians see the Warrior of Light, and marvel at the vehicle that Noctis owns. Cid Garlond arrives, tasked by the Alliance in investigating the mystery vehicle reports, and is introduced to Noctis. Noctis insists that he has no idea where or what Eorzea is, and that he is not Garlean. As Cid speaks about the mysterious armed Garlean soldiers, Noctis notes the similarities between Garlean soldiers and Niflheim soldiers, and suggests the soldiers came to Eorzea with him at a Niflheim base. Noctis runs ahead to go deal with the soldiers, and the Warrior of Light follows in pursuit, leaving Cid with the Regalia.

Noctis and the Warrior of Light engage the Niflheim soldiers, defeating a MA-X series magitek armor as well. Noctis is troubled that fighting the soldiers did not reveal any clues on how to get home, yet speaking with Kipih Jakkya suggests that she might be able to help him investigate where to go next after an interview in Ul'dah.

After the interview, Kipih says that one of her contacts mentions a sighting of more magitek soldiers in Gridania. After the three of them speak to the locals of Gridania, they learn about the soldiers being seen in the East Shroud. The Warrior of Light follows Noctis there, after he leaves to investigate on his own. In the East Shroud, the two fight the daemon Iseultalon, defeating it before it can cause more destruction. The Warrior of Light and Noctis set up camp and discuss the reasons for their adventuring. They continue their return to Gridania, and tell Kipih what they saw. As Kipih continues her search for clues, Noctis and the Warrior of Light head to the Central Shroud to partake in Noctis's favorite hobby: fishing.

Upon returning to Gridania, Kipih tells the two that the soldiers had been spotted in Ixal territory, and that the native beast tribe had summoned Garuda in retaliation. Kipih reaches out to Garlond Ironworks to have an airship prepared, and takes the two to the Howling Eye where Garuda waits. The Ixal flee, having summoned a Garuda-like creature that is not truly their goddess: instead, they had summoned forth the Garuda of Eos, Noctis's home world. Together Noctis and the Warrior of Light defeat this iteration of Garuda, and she acknowledges their victory over her 'trial'. With the winds cleared, Cid and Kipih arrive in the fully repaired Regalia.

Garuda opens a portal to Eos, proclaiming that Noctis is an anchor that allows the two of them to exist here. As Noctis gets into the Regalia to drive through the portal, an apparition of Lunafreya Nox Fleuret appears to beckon him home, to which he smiles towards. When the portal is sealed, the Warrior of Light returns to Gridania with Kipih and Cid.



Name Level Location Time limit Objective
Spawn conditions (if any)
Battle FATE. Like Clockwork 50 Central Thanalan (x27 y21) 15 minutes Defeat the MA-X and magitek troopers.
Mechanical soldiers have been sighted in the vicinity of the Unholy Heir. Join forces with Noctis to vanquish these menaces from another world.

Spawn conditions:

  • Speak with Noctis.

Behind the scenes[]

Glamor Prism Miqote in Final Fantasy XV.

The name of the collaboration alludes to "A Requiem for Heroes", the name of patch 4.5 in which "A Nocturne for Heroes" was introduced.

The first dialogue of the initial quest will differ if the player already participated on the "Lightning Strikes" event, with Kipih Jakkya recognizing the adventurer from before and mentions Lightning.

At one point in the questline, Noctis can be found browsing the Black Rabbit Traders' stall in Gridania, admiring Eorzean fashion. The vendor here sells the unique racial starting equipment, which are used as the basis for the attires unlocked in Final Fantasy XV from the "Adventurer from Another World" crossover, implying that Noctis bought them here and brought them back to his world with him.

During the event, Noctis's Triple Triad card is available for a discounted price of 10,000 MGP, rather than the rereleased price of 400,000 MGP.


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