A New World: intimate music from FINAL FANTASY - Volume II is a live recording of tracks from various Final Fantasy titles, performed at Prague in May 2018, conducted by Arnie Roth and Eric Roth.

Track list[edit | edit source]

  1. "A Place to Call Home" (Final Fantasy IX)
  2. "Chaos Shrine" (Final Fantasy)
  3. "Sarutabaruta" (Final Fantasy XI)
  4. "Gold Saucer" (Final Fantasy VII)
  5. "Lestallum" (Final Fantasy XV)
  6. "Home, Sweet Home" (Final Fantasy V)
  7. "Tower of the Magi" (Final Fantasy II)
  8. "Danger in the Forest" (Final Fantasy IX)
  9. "Final Battle" (Final Fantasy X)
  10. "Ivalice Landscapes" (Final Fantasy XII)
  11. "Victory Theme" (Final Fantasy series)
  12. "Elia, the Maiden of Water" (Final Fantasy III)
  13. "The Yaschas Massif" (Final Fantasy XIII)
  14. "Crimson Sunrise" (Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood)
  15. "Selbina" (Final Fantasy XI)
  16. "Heroes" (Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward)
  17. "Safe Haven" (Final Fantasy XV)
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