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Arnie Roth and the A New World: intimate music from Final Fantasy logo.

A New World: intimate music from Final Fantasy is a concert project premiered at London's LSO St. Luke's Jerwood Hall in February 15th 2014. A New World: intimate music from Final Fantasy aimed to deliver the same great Final Fantasy music as Distant Worlds, but on a smaller and more personal scale. Instead of a full orchestra, A New World made use of a string quartet, piano and guitar solos, duos, trios and other mixed groups of instrumentalists to reach more Final Fantasy fans around the world. Arnie Roth worked as the Music Director for both Distant Worlds and A New World.

Roth's reasons for starting A New World was the awareness of the inherent limitations of size and scale with the Distant Worlds concerts, as there are many cities, smaller concert venues, universities, colleges, and conventions with Final Fantasy fan bases that cannot manage presenting something the size of Distant Worlds, both from the required physical space as well as the number of musicians needed.

In March 2013, Roth had the Intimate Evening event in Chicago as a test run for A New World, as was the short chamber music performance in Chicago and London before the 25th Anniversary celebration concerts in November of the previous year.[1] The choices of repertoire for A New World: intimate music from Final Fantasy have been made by Square Enix and Arnie Roth in consultation with Nobuo Uematsu.[1]

A New World is set to include a good representation of music from throughout the history of Final Fantasy, but there will be almost no overlap of repertoire between Distant Worlds and A New World, but the intention has been to include many new pieces in the intimate concert that fans have been requesting.[1] The two concerts are set to provide different experiences, and complement each other. Distant Worlds will continue touring the major cities and concert venues around the world, while A New World will present the intimate chamber music concerts of Final Fantasy music in many locations and venues where Distant Worlds cannot perform. There will also be cities where both concerts can be performed within the same engagement.[1]

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