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A New Journey is a time-limited event where Lulu from Final Fantasy X can be added to Mog's group of warriors. This paralogue of the main scenario may include characters not yet recruited by the player.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Story Cutscenes[edit | edit source]

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Summoner Search:

Depending on your progress in the story, characters you have yet to recruit may appear in these events.

  • Lulu: Hm... I don't recognize this place, either.
  • Lenna: Look! There's someone over there.
  • Celes: They seem lost... Maybe they're someone's friend.

(The party approaches Lulu)

  • Celes: Is everything alright? Perhaps we can help.
  • Lulu: Are you from this area?
  • Celes: No. We aren't too familiar with it, either...
  • Lulu: I see... Hm...
  • Lenna: Maybe we should tell her what we know about this world.
  • Lilisette: Good idea! She's probably a friend of someone from another world.
  • Celes: Could it be that you're also lost in this world?
  • Lulu: "Also"?
  • Lenna: Yes. There are others like you, us included. Could you tell us what happened to you?
  • Lulu: I was told by a goddess that this is a different world... I'm searching for my comrades now.
  • Lilisette: Then we can definitely help! What kind of person are you looking for?
  • Lulu: A young woman. She's a summoner.
  • Lenna: Summoner?
  • Celes: I know some likely candidates. You wait right here. I'll go and fetch who I can.

(Rydia and Eiko are brought in)

  • Rydia: Um, well... Nice to meet you?
  • Eiko: I don't know this lady, either! But we can still be friends.
  • Celes: I'm sorry. You said "summoner," so I thought...
  • Lilisette: I guess we got it wrong.
  • Lulu: I see... You two are also summoners?
  • Lulu: What fascinating dress... This truly is a different world.
  • Lulu: I hope she's all right, wherever she is...
  • Lulu: Thank you for your help. I'll continue my search.
  • Celes: Wait. I can't let you go off on your own.
  • Rydia: You must be exhausted. Please don't push yourself.
  • Eiko: Why don't you take a break first? Then we'll all help you find your friends!
  • Lenna: Indeed. We have other summoners in our group. There's a chance the one you're looking for is among them.
  • Lilisette: Yeah! You can meet all of our comrades if you come with us to the airship.
  • Lulu: ...I suppose you're right.
  • Lulu: Thank you for your kindness. Let us do just that, then.
Guardian Black Mage:
  • Penelo: How are you holding up, Lulu? We should be out of the forest soon.
  • Lulu: I'm fine, thank you for asking.
  • Penelo: Not at all! By the way, that's a cute doll you have there.
  • Lulu: Thank you. You must find it weird for me to be carrying this around.
  • Penelo: What? Of course not! I think it's adorable!
  • Lulu: Hehe. My apologies for teasing you.
  • Lulu: This doll is capable of more than just looking cute.

(Lulu brings out her Moogle doll who bounces in her hands)

  • Seven: It moved!
  • Shantotto: Oh dear... It reminds me of the royal puppeteer!
  • Lulu: Puppeteer?
  • Seven: You two are from different worlds, right? How is it possible you know that?
  • Shantotto: Though the theory behind it is not the same, I believe something akin to magic is to blame.
  • Lulu: ...So the idea of magic is the same then. Well, she's right. This moves by magic.
  • Penelo: Then you're a mage, Lulu? We've got lots of allies who can also use magic!
  • Penelo: I hope we can find your friend soon!
  • Seven: We're nearly there. Just a little more.
  • Lulu: I can't thank you enough for helping me. I feel much better now.
  • Seven: Don't mention it. We all know what it's like to be lost in this world.
  • Wakka: Man, this thing just won't quit!

(Wakka arrives)

  • Seven: Wakka? What's the matter?
  • Wakka: Nice timing! There's a monster over there. Come on, help me out!
  • Wakka: ...Lu!?
  • Lulu: Wakka! There you are!
  • Wakka: It's a good thing you're here. My ball just doesn't seem to do the trick.
  • Wakka: I need your help, Lu!
  • Lulu: ......

(Lulu casts magic to defeat a Flan)

  • Penelo: Wow! So your magic could do more than just make that doll move!
  • Lulu: Where is Yuna? Is she safe?
  • Wakka: Take it easy. She's with us.
  • Lulu: Thank goodness.
  • Shantotto: So that's the summoner you were looking for. Finding her among so many would've been a chore.
  • Seven: We should've brought Yuna with us. When we get back to the airship, you'll be able to see her.
  • Lulu: Please don't apologize. Thank you for bringing me with you.
  • Wakka: Lu is one of Yuna's guardians, just like me. She'll be a real powerful ally, no doubt about it.
  • Lulu: If Yuna is here, I will gladly fight alongside you.
To New Journeys:

(Lulu runs to Yuna)

  • Lulu: Yuna! I'm so glad you're okay.
  • Yuna: Lulu! I'm so happy to see you! When I heard that you were all alone, I was so worried.
  • Lulu: You have my apologies.
  • Lulu: I regret not finding you here sooner.
  • Yuna: I'm fine. I've made it this far thanks to all my new friends.
  • Yuna: I didn't want you or the other guardians to worry about me.
  • Lulu: You've gotten stronger while I was away, haven't you?
  • Yuna: You think so?
  • Lulu: ...On second thought, maybe not.
  • Yuna: ...Hey!
  • Lulu: Hehe.

(Jecht arrives)

  • Jecht: But we need to fix whatever's goin' on in this world before you guys can go home.
  • Jecht: And it won't be easy.
  • Lulu: What!? What are you doing here!?
  • Jecht: Didn't mean to surprise ya. Not even I understand everything at work here.
  • Jecht: But I can move my own body and haven't lost control yet.
  • Yuna: Sir Jecht is also one of our allies now.
  • Lulu: I see... ......
  • Lulu: I can put my faith in you as a legendary guardian, can't I?
  • Jecht: Course ya can!

(The rest of the party arrives)

  • Lion: So Jecht was famous back in your world?
  • Yuna: Yes. Both Sir Jecht and Sir Auron were legendary guardians.
  • Lion: So this is like a dream team!
  • Layle: We've been traveling with Jecht for so long, it's hard to believe he's some kind of legend...
  • Jecht: Alright, 'nuff talk about dreams.
  • Lulu: I guess you're right. Though our journey was somewhat of a dream...
  • Vaan: Auron is always composed, so I'd believe someone if they told me he's some sort of legend, but...
  • Vaan: Jecht is a different story.
  • Jecht: Hey! I don't care about bein' a legend! Normal's fine with me!
  • Lulu: Guardians, Sir Jecht, and all those from other worlds...
  • Lulu: I will do my best to protect you.
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