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A Lion's Heart is a time-limited event where Squall from Final Fantasy VIII can be added to Mog's group of warriors. This paralogue of the main scenario is located during .


Story CutscenesEdit

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The Lone Mercenary:
  • Mog: I can feel it. There's a warrior nearby, kupo.
  • ???: (A moogle?)
  • Hope: Is that him?
  • ???: (A kid...and a girl with cat ears?)
  • Y'shtola: Do not be alarmed. We are not your foe.
  • ???: So you're the ones I keep hearing about.
  • Vivi: You've heard about us, Mister?
  • ???: ("Mister"? Give me a break.)
  • Squall: I'm Squall. My client told me about you.
  • Squall: Mentioned you're on a journey to seal the Torsions.
  • Warrior of Light: What is your purpose here?
  • Squall: I'm a mercenary.
  • Squall: I've been tasked to investigate this cavern and eliminate any threat.
  • Hope: All by yourself? I get that you're a soldier, but...
  • Squall: I can take care of myself.

(Squall leaves)

  • Vivi: I guess he's not interested in joining us.
  • Y'shtola: He is merely choosing not to get close to others.
  • Y'shtola: In any event, he bears the light, does he not?
  • Warrior of Light: More importantly, who is this client he spoke of?
  • Mog: We'll just have to ask him ourselves, kupo!
The Burden We Bear:
  • Mog: Found you, kupo!
  • Squall: (They're still here?)
  • Vivi: Squall, are you fighting all by yourself? Isn't that a little dangerous?
  • Squall: You're the ones who need to be careful.
  • Squall: This isn't a place for amateurs.
  • Squall: You should get out of here before you get hurt.
  • Sazh: Would it kill you to lighten up a bit?
  • Rem: Squall, I'm a soldier just like you.
  • Rem: Everyone here has their own reason for fighting. We know what we're doing.
  • Squall: ...Whatever.
  • Cloud: Show off as much as you want, but we have some questions that need answers first.
  • Squall: (Who's showing off?)
  • Cloud: Who's your client? And how do they know about us?
  • Squall: That's confidential.
  • Sazh: I don't get you at all. What's with the attitude?
  • Squall: You're the ones not making any sense.
  • Squall: You're risking your lives solely based on what that moogle told you.
  • Squall: While in reality, you have no idea what's actually happening in this world right now.
  • Mog: I'm a messenger of the goddess Materia. It's my duty to protect the planet, kupo!
  • Cloud: We all have something we want to protect. Isn't that reason enough?
  • Squall: Something you want to protect...
  • Cloud: Anyway, sorry for stopping you. Later.
  • Squall: Stop. You're no match for what's lurking around here.
  • Vivi: But it's way too dangerous for you to go alone too.
  • Squall: If you're scared, you can stay close to me. Just don't get in my way.
  • Rem: So you'll join us then?
  • Squall: I didn't say that. But I'll help you out while you're here.
  • Squall: Come on, let's go. Things should be easier now that I'm with you.
Duty Calls:
  • Rem: Hey, Squall? You're here on a mission, right?
  • Rem: You don't need to report back to your client or anything?
  • Squall: My client is only interested in the Torsions.
  • Squall: How I handle the mission is up to me. That's why I chose to accompany you.

(Y'shtola joins them)

  • Y'shtola: And yet you continue to conceal your client's identity.
  • Squall: Like I said—
  • Y'shtola: "That's confidential."
  • Squall: (Don't finish my sentences. You'll remind me of her.)
  • Y'shtola: You fear growing close to others.
  • Y'shtola: But I sense the good in you—a desire to protect and a great inner zeal.

(Hope runs in)

  • Hope: Is everything okay? Everyone's already heading to the next area.
  • Rem: Sorry, we'll be right there.
  • Y'shtola: I expect great things from you, Squall.
  • Squall: Yeah.

(Rem and Y'shtola leave)

  • Hope: Um, do you have a second?
  • Hope: I was thinking about what you said earlier.
  • Hope: Mog told us that sealing the Torsions would protect this world.
  • Hope: And as a result, save our worlds as well.
  • Squall: That's the idea.
  • Squall: But there's no way to find out for sure until we return home.
  • Hope: I want to know the truth. I want to know what's really happening.
  • Squall: Sorry, but I don't have all the answers either.
  • Hope: Then why are you fighting? I'm sure you're not just following orders.
  • Squall: I don't fight for some great cause like saving the world or anything.
  • Squall: I'm just trying to survive to see my friends again. That's all.
  • Hope: They must mean a lot to you.
  • Squall: Yeah. Now come on, let's go. You need my help, right?

(Squall leaves)

  • Hope: To be reunited with your friends, huh?
  • Hope: Maybe I just need to keep my eyes front. There's no going back after all.
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