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The following is a list of Xbox One achievements and PlayStation 4 trophies unlockable in A King's Tale: Final Fantasy XV.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. (Skip section)
Name Icon Description Xbox Gamerscore PSN Value
Sweet Dreams AKT FFXV Sweet Dreams trophy icon.png Complete all Dream Battle Special Challenges. 200 PS Gold Trophy.png
The End AKT FFXV The End trophy icon.png Complete Story Mode. 150 PS Silver Trophy.png
Fallen Army AKT FFXV Fallen Army trophy icon.png Defeat 1000 enemies. 150 PS Silver Trophy.png
Combo King AKT FFXV Combo King trophy icon.png Perform every move in one combo string. 150 PS Silver Trophy.png
Lights Out AKT FFXV Lights Out trophy icon.png Use the Armiger on a tonberry. 40 PS Bronze Trophy.png
Light Sleeper AKT FFXV Light Sleeper trophy icon.png Finish a Dream Battle in under 1 minute. 40 PS Bronze Trophy.png
I Dream of Awesome AKT FFXV I Dream of Awesome trophy icon.png Finish a Dream Battle without taking damage. 40 PS Bronze Trophy.png
Group Discount AKT FFXV Group Discount trophy icon.png Kill 5 or more enemies with one spell. 40 PS Bronze Trophy.png
Bonded AKT FFXV Bonded trophy icon.png Execute the Bonds of Battle. 40 PS Bronze Trophy.png
Big Bang AKT FFXV Big Bang trophy icon.png Detonate 3 bombs simultaneously. 40 PS Bronze Trophy.png
Bedtime Blunder AKT FFXV Bedtime Blunder trophy icon.png Get the alternate story ending. 40 PS Bronze Trophy.png
Still Awake? AKT FFXV Still Awake trophy icon.png Die 10 times in Story Mode. 35 PS Bronze Trophy.png
Return to Sender AKT FFXV Return to Sender trophy icon.png Deflect 50 stingers or needles. 35 PS Bronze Trophy.png
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