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A Job for the Neighborhood Watch is the fourth quest of Chapter 3, "Home Sweet Slum", in Final Fantasy VII Remake, taking place in the Sector 7 Slums. After Tifa Lockhart gives Cloud Strife a tour of the Sector 7 Slums, she encourages him to join the neighborhood watch and fight monsters to boost his reputation. Biggs and Wedge agree, and Cloud goes along reluctantly.


In addition to Cloud, Tifa Lockhart joins the party. She is a melee fighter who uses combos to deal damage. Square uses her normal attack, while a martial technique can be used with Triangle. To use her optimally, use her normal attacks for a few hits to stun an enemy, followed by her martial technique for a combo. Unbridled Strength cycles to another combo attack; using it once will cycle to Omnistrike, and using it twice cycles to Rise and Fall. Martial techniques are ideal after a combo with normal attacks, or against staggered enemies.

Follow the marker to Scrap Boulevard, located to the west past the barricades. Interact with them to open, and then head outside. There is no set path here, so simply run around to encounter gorgers and wererats. These are weak enemies, which can be defeated by a few attacks. After clearing out all enemies, Tifa will tell Cloud that she has defeated the last ones. Before leaving, inside a cave, an Ice Materia Ice Materia can be found.

Leave Scrap Boulevard and take the ladder back up to the neighborhood watch to Biggs and Wedge. Tifa will encourage Cloud to go to the Weapons Store merchant who will give Cloud the Iron Blade Iron Blade. No new weapons are for sale, though some armor and accessories can be purchased. Among armor, iron bangles and star bracelets are improvements over the bronze bangle, though Iron Bangle focuses more on providing resistance to damage whereas Star Bracelet gives more materia slots. As Cloud is a better mage, he can benefit from either depending on if the player wants to make more use of Cloud for magic or physical attacks; for Tifa, the Iron Bangle is the better choice.

Among accessories, power wristguards, bulletproof vests, earrings, talismans, and revival earrings can be purchased. Power wristguards and earrings increase Strength Strength and Magic Magic respectively, making them more offensive stats, while bulletproof vest and talisman boost Vitality Vitality and Spirit Spirit respectively, making them more defensive. Bulletproof vest and talisman can be foregone in favor of revival earrings if the player chooses to be more defensive. Power wristguards are great choices for both Cloud and Tifa, while earrings are better for Cloud than Tifa as he makes more use of magic damage.

Between the options, the player likely only has enough Gil Gil for one armor piece, or two accessories. Purchasing two accessories can be wise, as armor can be obtained fairly easily later. After finishing purchases, Tifa will encourage Cloud to talk to Wymer of the neighborhood watch, commencing the next quest, "Problem Solving".

Hard mode tips[]

The gorgers and wererats are much more durable, but the enemies can still be defeated in a few attacks such as Tifa's Divekick or Cloud's Triple Slash.