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The Undead Princess is working hard at her new job catching travelers and inviting them to Sherlotta's Solace, when m'lady shows up. Sherlotta enlists the Undead Princess's help in banishing yet another undying spirit.

Quest summary

A Grudge That Won't Budge is an Intervention quest in World of Final Fantasy. It becomes available after clearing Chapter 8 and completing the quests, The Girl Who Forgot Her Name and Never Cross the Boss.


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While unsuccessfully trying to convince a man to visit Sherlotta's inn, the Undead Princess loses her patience and casts a spell on him. Sherlotta and Refia join her outside, asking how things are going. The princess tries to cover, saying she was helping the gentleman to the inn. Sherlotta comments that he looks like he's half-dead. The princess says he's just hungry and they should just take him back to the inn. Sherlotta asks Refia to take him inside while she and the princess follow a lead on a menacing Mirage in the area.

Sherlotta and the princess reach the area the mirage has been encountered. A sinister voice speaks up, asking who dares trespasses on its land, telling them to begone and attacks.

After the battle, Sherlotta comment on how the Mirages had the good sense to fizzle out and asks the Undead Princess why she can't do the same. She wonders if the princess will pass away if she works her harder. The Undead Princess objects, saying she was hoping to put some roots down in the mortal plane. The princess tries to convince Sherlotta that she's useful to have around by showing her she can do tricks. Sherlotta tells her not to quit her day job.

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The battle consists of 3 Metalliskulls. First time completion of this quest rewards the Metalliskull Memento and x2 Spider Silk with subsequent completion rewarding x1 Ether.