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A Dream for Spira was a continuous quick-play Challenge Event in Final Fantasy Record Keeper.

New features[]

  • Concurrent Raid battles: This was the first event to introduce concurrent multiplayer Raid battles. Up to four teams of two units apiece (down from five in the beta period) can battle together against one of two preselected bosses, or go solo to test the party's strengths against the same. Each battle has its own set of rewards, plus additional random drops and bonus items for participation.


For the better part of a thousand years, Spira has been under the on-again, off-again curse of the entity called Sin. Equally existing as long has been the dream that one day, the curse will be dispelled for good. Many have tried to bring peace. All have failed, simply giving up or dying in the attempt.

Jecht, a wandering drunkard and former star blitzer, dreams of a brighter future for his son, but must atone for his arrogant, abusive, and self-serving ways. While in prison, he is recruited in the struggle against Sin.

Ten years later, it falls to Jecht's son, Tidus, to search for him when he has disappeared. Suddenly ripped from the world he knew, Tidus dreams of following his father's blitz legacy, even as he cannot forgive his father for the suffering brought upon him. When he learns of Sin's renewal and Spira's suffering, he turns his focus to helping Yuna achieve what her forebears have thus far been unable to.

Yuna, too, dreams of following in her father's path of nobility.

But there is another, whose dreams of grandeur may send Spira spinning further into chaos, and he will use any means necessary to further his warped plans. Yuna and her companions must put a stop to him before it is too late.