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A Devoted Heart is a time-limited event where Lenna from Final Fantasy V can be added to Mog's group of warriors. This paralogue of the main scenario is located after Chapter 10.


Story CutscenesEdit

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Faris's Little Sister:

It is recommended that you clear Ch. 7: Imber Manor before playing.

  • King: ...Something's off about the monsters around here.
  • Galuf: Hrm. There are signs here and there of beasts battling each other.
  • Faris: That's not all. There's poison spread about over there.
  • Faris: It's like some big...something was scattering poison as it thrashed about.
  • Mog: Kupo!? Someone's collapsed up ahead, kupo!
  • Faris: !? It can't be...!!

(Faris finds Lenna unconscious)

  • Faris: Lenna!
  • Faris: It is you! Hey, snap out of it!
  • Galuf: ...No good. She's out cold.
  • Mog: Do you know her, kupo?
  • Galuf: Yes, we traveled with her back in our world. She's Faris's little sister.
  • Faris: Lenna! It's me! Answer me!
  • King: ...She's badly wounded. We should tend to her quickly.
  • Faris: Blast it! Who could have done this...!?
  • Mog: Kupooo! It sounds like a ferocious monster is around here, kupo!
  • King: It's too dangerous to stay here. Let's get her someplace safe.
  • Galuf: Right you are. Good grief, some reunion this is...
Decision of Kindness:
  • Lenna: ...Un...unhhh...
  • Faris: Lenna! You're awake!

(Lenna gets up)

  • Lenna: Faris...? And Bartz...
  • Bartz: Thank goodness! She remembers us!
  • Lenna: ...What happened to that poor thing?
  • Faris: What poor thing?
  • Lenna: There was a dragon... She was so badly injured...
  • Lenna: She kept crying out, "It hurts. Help me."
  • Cecil: What's this? She can understand the words of dragons?
  • Bartz: Yeah. She has a special connection with all kinds of animals.
  • Lenna: I so desperately wanted to help her, but it didn't go so well...
  • Faris: ...Is that who attacked you?
  • Lenna: No! It's not her fault!
  • Lenna: Her body wouldn't move how she wanted due to the pain. She didn't mean to hurt me.
  • Lenna: She must be struggling by herself somewhere out there. I have to help her...
  • Cecil: Despite what you've gone through, you still put the dragon's concerns above your own. You are a kind soul.
  • Lenna: ...Um, who are you?

(Mog and Terra arrive)

  • Mog: Kupo! We're back from scouting, kupo!
  • Terra: Oh, you're awake? Thank goodness.
  • Lenna: I heard from my sister all that you've done for me. Thank you very much...
  • Mog: Kupo kupo! It's nice to meet you again, kupo!
  • Bartz: So, how'd it look out there?
  • Terra: ...Everywhere you look is corroded by poison. It all seems to have been spread by a dragon.
  • Faris: A dragon... That must be the one Lenna spoke of.
  • Mog: The dragon was also covered in poison, kupo. It must have fought with some venomous creature, kupo.
  • Terra: It likely spread the poison around as it thrashed in pain...
  • Bartz: And is still thrashing.
  • Lenna: Can't we help her...?
  • Mog: From the looks of it, it's too late to do anything, kupo...
  • Terra: It's already at death's door. All it can do is lash out until it breathes its last...
  • Lenna: I see...
  • Cecil: We might become the target of its frustration at any time, too.
  • Faris: Lenna, I know how you must be feeling, but...
  • Lenna: ...Thank you. I don't want anyone else to get hurt.
  • Lenna: But I can't stand to see her suffer anymore...
  • Lenna: Let's go to her now. I want to do what I can.
  • Bartz: ...Yeah, let's.
  • Cecil: Lenna... We shan't let your conviction go to waste.
The Shape of Affection:
  • Galuf: That's the last of the Torsions in the vicinity.
  • Mog: It's all thanks to your hard work, kupo!
  • Bartz: Kay, let's move on to our next destination.
  • Yuna: ...Hm? Just a moment. I don't see Lenna around.
  • Galuf: Now that you mention it...
  • Bartz: Vivi and Eiko are gone, too. Where'd everyone go?
  • Eiko: Guys! Sorry to keep you waiting!

(Lenna, Eiko, and Vivi arrive)

  • Galuf: You're all muddied up? What on earth happened?
  • Vivi: The three of us dug a grave for the dragon.
  • Bartz: A grave for the dragon?
  • Lenna: Yes... I want her to rest in peace.
  • Yuna: Is that so...?
  • Yuna: I am certain she's so terribly happy that you were there to send her on.
  • Eiko: We left lots and lots of flower seeds over the grave for her!
  • Galuf: Ho ho ho, wonderful! Lovely flowers are sure to bloom.
  • Bartz: Yeah. Let's come back after some time so we can all pay our respects.
  • Lenna: Thank you, everyone...
  • Mog: As long as the Torsions persist, incidents like this are bound to happen, kupo...
  • Yuna: Monsters from different worlds will come into conflict after passing through the Torsions...
  • Galuf: Neither side was ever meant to encounter the other.
  • Galuf: An unnatural struggle... It's no wonder that poor dragon met such a fate.
  • Lenna: I...want to see all the Torsions closed. I can't bear to see this tragedy repeat itself...
  • Mog: Kupo! Those are the words I hoped to hear, kupo! I can feel the kindness flowing form the light of your will, kupo!
  • Vivi: Let's give it our all, Miss Lenna.
  • Eiko: We'll all help!
  • Bartz: Gosh... Don't take on more than you can handle, hear?
  • Galuf: Not to worry, Bartz. When they take on too much, we'll be there to lend them a hand.
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  • In the Global release, Lenna's and Kefka's events offer 15CP weapons due to being released after Sephiroth, whose event was the first to offer a character's weapon.
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