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Has Montblanc found his lady love?

Battle location description, Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

A Bride for Montblanc (モンブランの花嫁, Monburan no Hanayome?, lit. Montblanc's Bride) is a recurring mission which could be played after completing the main story of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance and Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift. In Japanese, these two missions have the same name.

However, at the English version they have two different names: Moogle Bride for Tactics Advance and A Bride for Montblanc for Tactics A2. The mission involves Montblanc receiving a fake love letter from a "townsgirl", and it turned out that the "townsgirl" was fake, leading the clan to fight instead.


Final Fantasy Tactics AdvanceEdit

Moogle Bride
No. 89
Rank 5
Japanese Name "Montblanc's Bride"
Japanese モンブランの花嫁
'Romaji Monburan no Hanayome
Cost 3,000 gil
Location Materiwood
Reward/s 18,000 gil, Esteroth, 1x Random Item, 2x Random Cards
Req. Items None
Req. Skills None
Req. Job None
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Mission

My dearest Montblanc, I think of you always. If we could meet, I would much like to tell you how I feel in person.
—Mogumi, Townsgirl

Mission description

Noooooo! I've been had, kupo! That's not very nice, kupo!

Montblanc, at the end of the battle.

Moogle Bride is Mission #89. It is the only mission that made Montblanc the center of attention, and because of that he is the only unit that cannot be removed. The petitioner was Mogumi (モグミ, Mogumi?), a townsgirl who invited him to the Materiwood to explain her feelings. But when Clan Nutsy arrived at the Materiwood, it ends up to be a trick created by Reaker, a Mog Knight from Clan Rose who considers this engagement as a "lesson in humanity". At the end, Reaker said that she and Montblanc would be perfect together.

In this battle, the song "Painful Battle" is played. At this mission, Clan Rose consists of all moogles including Reaker, a Thief, a Juggler, a Time Mage, and a Black Mage.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the RiftEdit

A Bride for Montblanc
FFTA2 Fras' clan
Section E5-08
Quest Type Satisfy Petitioner
Japanese Name "Montblanc's Bride"
Japanese モンブランの花嫁
Romaji Monburan no Hanayome
Cost 500 gil
Location Ruins of Delgantua
Reward/s 6,130 gil, High Arcana x1
Req. Items None
Req. Clan Talents Negotiation: 33, Teamwork: 33
Req. Job None
Final Fantasy Tactics A2 Missions

My dear Montblanc, I have long admired you from afar, and now I wish to see you and profess my feelings in person.
Cois, Maiden of the Wood

Mission description

At last you are come. And now sweet vengeance will be mine!


A Bride for Montblanc is a side story of Wanted: Friends, Kupo!, which is Mission E5-08. "Actions by Gria" is not allowed in this mission. The petitioner is Cois (フランソア, Furansoa?, lit. Francois or Francoise), Maiden of the Wood. But when Clan Gully arrives at Ruins of Delgantua; right at the Hall of Kings, it appears that Cois is not real.

It was actually a viera named Fras (in the Japanese version, her name remains to be フランソア), the person Montblanc had defeated at a clan tourney. She had claimed that her clan had drugged the other contestants with an elixir, but then Montblanc's clan had arrived unannounced and claimed the victor's mantle. Because of this, she wanted to crush Montblanc and his clan for vengeance. When Montblanc asked Fras's reason to blame her opponents despite her cheating, Fras didn't want him to leave the place alive. Interestingly, Montblanc knew that Cois was actually Fras. When Montblanc went into the location, the music "Peaceful Days" plays, while the battle music is "Knowledge of the Adventurer". In the Japanese version, Montblanc will mostly call her name repeatedly.

The party will face Fras along with a White Mage, a Trickster, a Lanista, a Blue Mage, and a White Monk. Unlike the Tactics Advance version, Montblanc may be removed from the party, leaving another character to speak instead.

In the battlefield, there are a lot of traps that causes Charm.


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