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Deep within the Copied Factory awaits this android clad in black, flanked by a veritable army of machines and all too eager to confront 2P...

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9S is a non-player character from Final Fantasy XIV. He appears in the Shadowbringers expansion as a character for the YoRHa:Dark Apocalypse alliance raids' storyline.


9S attacks the Warrior of Darkness's party as soon as they enter the Copied Factory through hacked machines. Once all its machines are defeated, 9S faces 2P directly and manages to damage her before being thrown off the platform. She rips off his bandana, showing his furious face.

Once the Warrior group returns on the platform, they find that somehow 9S has managed to scale the platform again but is now unconscious. His body is carried back to Anogg's Lair, where he and 2P both recover.

He is only reawaken after 2B reunites with him, rousing him from slumber to save Konogg, the Dig Site Chief, and the Warrior of Darkness from the 2P clone army. 9S, 2B and Anogg lead the Warrior of Darkness through the newly created Tower at Paradigm’s Breach, a tower of pure white with a digital network leading to the sky. He provides hacking support by uploading 2B and the Warrior of Darkness into the network, clearing obstacles and analyzing opponents. At one point, the Red Girl interferes with his hacking, forcing him out of the network.

After manifesting into a giant 2B-and-Red Girl fusion known as Her Inflorescence, 9S sacrifices himself alongside 2B and Anogg to close the rift between worlds, sealing themselves on the other side to keep the invasion at bay.

Konogg discovers while on his pilgrimage that 2B and 9S knew they would have to sacrifice themselves to close the rift, infiltrating 2P's android army in order to establish physical copies of themselves on the current world.



Though an android, 9S appears built as a slender, short young man. Like other YoRHa models, he has silvery-white hair, with his in a bowl (or mop) cut. A standard-issue combat visor conceals his light blue eyes, and he wears a black uniform with silver buttons, knee length shorts, and a long sleeve coat.

9S’ in-game model is based on the female Midlander Hyur model, in order to make him resemble his original appearance in NieR:Automata. However, he is still written as male, and has his original animations from NieR:Automata to give him a unique walking animation.


9S is curious about the world around him— especially in regards to machine lifeforms, a natural effect of being a Scanner type model of YoHRa units. When speaking with others, 9S is generally optimistic and eager to be of help to others. He shares a similar curiosity for technology and new information as Anogg and Konogg.


The Copied Factory The Copied Factory[]

9S is fought as final boss in alliance raid The Copied Factory. He is engaged as 9S-Operated Walking Fortress, in a large construct of Stubby mounted guns equipped with lasers and heat exhausts.

He is able to hack the arms of the fallen Engles to cleave the player characters. At several points in the fight, he will decouple his flight unit from the fortress in order to bombard the alliance. He will also send hacked units towards the alliance, which must be dispatched before he can charge his missiles to cause an instant wipe to the alliance.

Triple Triad[]

9S Card
9S Triple Triad Card.png
Card No. 268
Total stats 28
Type None
Description A child encountered in the Copied Factory. Appearing as a young boy clad in black garb, it is in fact an android─an advanced machine designed in imitation of mankind. 9S was witnessed to be controlling machine lifeforms within the factory, though to what end it remains unknown.
Obtain Clear The Copied Factory.

Behind the scenes[]

9S' uniform is obtainable as various class gear drops in The Copied Factory The Copied Factory for male characters only.

Several items relating to 9S are available as item drop in The Tower at Paradigm's Breach The Tower at Paradigm's Breach: a unique hairstyle based on his iconic map cut, which is unisex; a furniture item used for player housing featuring 9S and 2B as stuffed plushies; and a minion in his likeness.


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