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8 eye, referred to as 8 Eye in the BradyGames guide, is an enemy from Final Fantasy VII. It can be encountered in a set battle in the Temple of the Ancients and in the Gold Saucer Battle Square after the player has acquired the Highwind and the Gold Saucer has reopened. When fought in the Battle Square, its stats are enhanced with double the regular HP and its Attack and Magic Attack are increased by 25%.



# Formation
649 8 eye A, 8 eye B
650 Row 1: 8 eye A
Row 2: 8 eye B
651 Row 1: 8 eye A
Row 2: 8 eye B


Temple of the Ancients
Room III 649 (event)
Battle Square (with Highwind available)
Group A - Battle 3 650
Group B - Battle 3 651


Much like the Hecteyes from earlier games, the 8 eye does not attack physically. Early in the game the 1,000 points of damage Eyesight can deal can prove fatal, making it seemingly invincible to those without powerful spells or weapons. Its other normal Eyesight attack is equivalent to Demi3. If the player uses magic against 8 eye, it counterattacks with an Eyesight damaging the caster's MP by 75% of current, similar to its fractional HP version. The final version is used as a counter against physical attacks, which always inflicts Slow and Darkness on the attacker.

Despite the animations used by some of the spells, they only damage the targets; they do not restore 8 eye's HP or MP.

Any Poison-elemental spell or item will instantly kill 8 eye.

AI scriptEdit

AI: Main {

If ((At Least One Opponent has Darkness Status)
AND (At Least One Opponent has Slow Status)
AND (TempVar:NormAttack == 0)) Then
Choose Random Opponent with Slow Status
Use <Eyesight> (HP% Version) on Target
TempVar:NormAttack = 1
} Else {
Choose Random Opponent with Highest HP
Use <Eyesight> (3xBase Version) on Target
TempVar:NormAttack = 0

} AI: Counter - Physical {

Choose 8 eye's Last Attacker (Physical)
Use <Eyesight> (Status Version) on Target
TempVar:NormAttack = 1

} AI: Counter - Magical {

Choose 8 eye's Last Attacker (Magical)
Use <Eyesight> (MP Attack Version) on Target
TempVar:NormAttack = 1


Other appearancesEdit

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