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Four consecutive cuts


4x-Cut is a command ability in Final Fantasy VII granted by the Double Cut Materia at level 2. The ability replaces the Attack command with an onslaught of four hits against random enemies. The ability ignores row.


Command Materia Double Cut
Effect Physical attack four times, each against random enemy. Long range.
Compatible Support Materia None


4x-Cut replaces the basic Attack command when equipped. If the player equips both Double Cut and Slash-All, only one of them replaces the Attack command while the other goes unused. Priority is given to the last Materia in the character's equipment.

4x-Cut hits four times, each against a random enemy, meaning it spreads out is damage across multiple enemies unless there is only one target. Though the ability is therefore unreliable against groups, it nonetheless deals a great amount of damage. The ability also ignores row, meaning characters equipped with it can be placed in the back row.

Though 4x-Cut is not compatible with any Support Materia, any Support Materia that affects the physical damage dealt by a normal attack will also apply to 4x-Cut abilities. This includes Elemental and Added Effect.

4x-Cut is best used by characters with a high Strength to deal the most damage: Cloud, Barret, Tifa, and Cid. Barret can also take advantage of the high amount of AP that the Materia has for his ultimate weapon, Missing Score, in addition to dealing strong physical damage with his Strength stat.

4x-Cut is an upgrade overall on 2x-Cut, as its damage is twice the amount. Although less reliable than 2x-Cut, the damage is still higher overall, which is especially true when using 4x-Cut against a single enemy.

4x-Cut is comparable to Slash-All, as both attack multiple enemies and ignore row. Slash-All is more reliable in that it always has the same expected effect. However, 4x-Cut is much stronger against single targets or smaller groups, and its damage potential is overall higher.