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2x-Cut is a command ability in Final Fantasy VII granted by the Double Cut Materia at level 1. The ability replaces the Attack command with an attack that hits the same enemy twice. When Double Cut is upgraded, it is replaced by 4x-Cut.


Command Materia Double Cut
Effect Physical attack against single enemy twice based on weapon equipped.
Compatible Support Materia None


2x-Cut replaces the basic Attack command when equipped. It hits the same target twice, effectively doubling the damage of the equipped weapon, making it very powerful for physical attackers.

Though 2x-Cut is not compatible with any Support Materia, any Support Materia that affects the physical damage dealt by a normal attack will also apply to 2x-Cut. This includes Elemental and Added Effect.

2x-Cut is best used by characters with a high Strength to deal the most damage. Cloud, Barret, Tifa, and Cid are great choices. Barret can also take advantage of the high amount of AP that the Materia has for his ultimate weapon, Missing Score, in addition to dealing strong physical damage with his Strength stat.

2x-Cut is provided by the Double Cut Materia at level 1. When this is upgraded, it is replaced by 4x-Cut, which instead hits four times at random enemies. Though 4x-Cut is less reliable about which target it will attack, it is otherwise an upgrade overall as it greatly increases damage, and against single targets will still hit the same target.

When compared with D.blow, both do similar damage, but 2x-Cut is more reliable as it is less likely to miss.