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269th Order Mendicant Da Za is a non-playable character from Final Fantasy XIV. He is a supporting character in the Black Mage job quests.


Final Fantasy XIV[]

Da Za in version 1.0.

A century ago, the Da Za's ancestor, Da Gu successfully deciphered the secrets of Black Magic and shared it with Ququruka. Following the footsteps of his ancestor, Da Za works to fulfill his prophecies.

Da Za tells that he set out from his kobold homeland of O'Ghomoro to pursue the same legend recounted by Kazagg Chah and Dozol Meloc. He holds a stone tablet passed down to him from his ancestor, Da Gu. Upon showing it to the Warrior of Light, the light from Gem of Shatotto reveals writing carved into its surface indicating that closing the Voidgate requires the wizard's garb.

Later, Da Za and his companions discover that Ququruka accidentally turned his ancestors into the voidsend Barbatos, and was looking for someone to bury it all this time. Despite the revelation, Da Za and the others forgive Ququruka for their sins.

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward[]

Da Za explains that Waldeve had approached him. He told him he wanted time to reconsider his proposal, time needed to have the Warrior of Light waiting in ambush during the next meeting. Waldeve simply walked away after Da Za declined his offer, but when his subordinates attacked, the Warrior of Light intervenes and dispatches them.




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269th Order Mendicant Da Za appears as an NPC ally during the Black Mage job quests Always Bet on Black Always Bet on Black and again at The Defiant Ones The Defiant Ones. He fights as a conjurer, healing everyone else.