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1st Ray is an enemy from Final Fantasy VII. It is fought during the assault on the No. 1 Reactor and is most likely a part of the reactor's security system.

It has only one method of attack, Laser Cannon, which it uses every other turn. The 1st Ray will always target the character with the highest current HP. Laser Cannon is a weak attack and should not deal more than 10 damage. It also has one of the slowest attack animations in the game.

The 1st Ray is weak against Bolt, but it has low HP and Normal attacks defeat it easily.



# Formation
308 Row 1: Mono Drive A, Mono Drive B
Row 2: 1st Ray
309 1st Ray A, 1st Ray B
311 Row 1: 1st Ray A, Grunt
Row 2: 1st Ray B
312 1st Ray A, 1st Ray B, 1st Ray C


No. 1 Reactor
Entrance 311, 312
Main Staircase 308, 309, 311, 312

AI script[]

Start of battle

Declare Count = 0

If (Count == 0) Then

Use Laser Cannon on random opponent with highest HP

Count = 1

Else: Count = 0

Other appearances[]

Pictlogica Final Fantasy[]

PFF 1st Ray.png
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