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1/35 Soldier in Final Fantasy VII.

Shinra armored "attack" soldiers: 12 in the set.

Final Fantasy VII description

1/35 Soldier (1/35神羅兵, 1/35 Shinra-hei?, lit. 1/35 Shinra Soldier), also known as 1/35th Scale Soldier, is a recurring item in the Final Fantasy series.


Final Fantasy VII[]

1/35 Soldier is an item that does nothing. It is a prize at the Speed Square, while two can be found at Junon.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

The 1/35 Soldier is a Rank 5 accessory that boosts Attack by 15.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius[]

A 1/35th scale figurine brought from another world. There are 12 of these Shinra soldiers all together. They were modeled after the soldiers in Shinra's private army.


1/35th Scale Soldier is the currency for the Final Fantasy VII event, Destroy the Reactor. They are dropped by the event's enemies (Blood Maw, Guard Hound, Rocket Launcher, Hedgehog Pie, Special Operative, Sentry, Sweeper, Guard Scorpion and Air Buster), and are one-time rewards from clearing all stages. The player can also obtain them by completing the companion challenge exploration without escaping once.

They can be exchanged in King Mog's shop for the king's usual repertoire, but also for the event-exclusive materias (Powerful, Toughness) and equipment (the Shinra Beta accessory and the Nail Bat).