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Ω Weapon is a superboss in Final Fantasy Dimensions. The monster's design is similar to its appearance in Final Fantasy VI, while its behavior in battle is based on its counterpart in Final Fantasy VIII.

Ω Weapon can be found in the Gladiators' Hall, a post-game challenge area unlocked after completing the game's story once. The Gladiators' Arena houses three doors, each leading to a different superboss. In addition to Ω Weapon, the player can challenge the Adamantoise and Gigantuar. Ω Weapon guards a room, similar to the interior of Kuza Castle from Final Fantasy V, which houses the game's most powerful weapons. Each time Ω Weapon is defeated, the player can select one item from the chamber (there are nine alcoves containing a Heroic Shield and eight legendary weapons, as well as three treasure chests containing Hermes Sandals, a Ribbon and a Megalixir the treasure chests can be opened an unlimited number of times).

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Every two times Ω Weapon is defeated, it gains a level, gaining more stats overall, better strategy, and more attacks, becoming a more challenging opponent with each iteration. At its maximum level (level 6 after 10 defeats), Ω Weapon is considered to be one of the most dangerous opponents in Final Fantasy Dimensions.

Ω Weapon fights with many dangerous attacks, many taken from other enemies in the game. It has access to the spells Ultima, Holy, and Meteor. It also has Soul Despair, which puts all party members down to less than 10 HP, Blaster, and Dispelga, which removes all beneficial statuses. It has three unique attacks: Terra Break, a long string of physical attacks aimed at random party members; Omega Drive, a single-target physical attack followed by one that hits the entire party; and Light Pillar, a single-target attack that will always do 9999 damage and kill its target.

At higher levels the Weapon does not have a set-in-stone attack pattern until it reaches a certain HP threshold. A highly leveled Ω Weapon casting Ultima will unavoidably KO all low-HP members, especially those who are Magus or Seer, and leave others in a vulnerable state. It can cast Ultima twice, even three times, in succession, thus likely killing all party members. After reaching 50% of its HP, it casts Soul Despair and its combat pattern changes. The pattern is a sequence of Light Pillar, Terra Break, Omega Drive, and Dispelga followed by two normal attacks that still deal a fair bit of damage and starts over again. Ω Weapon will be noticeably slower at this stage. Before getting down to 50% of its HP, Ω Weapon only uses magic-based attacks. After that, the superboss only uses physical-based attacks.

Strategy Edit

Having a higher majority of offensive party members is not recommended for this boss. At most, two extremely strong party members may do the trick. One recommended method is to have a Dark Knight use the ability Draw Attacks. This is helpful for keeping damage away from the supportive and offensive party members, in such cases when Ω Weapon uses Light Pillar, Meteor and Holy, as Draw Attacks makes the foe's attacks focus only on the member using the ability for the remainder of their turn. When Ω Weapon levels up, this method does not become useless, but more luck-based as Ω Weapon does not have a set-in-stone attack pattern until it reaches a certain HP amount.

At low level, 16 hits from Terra Break seem better to be spread towards random members as it will not be likely to kill anyone. However, at high level, without Draw Attack, Terra Break can easily take out several characters. After Terra Break, one should consider to defend some party members to survive the next attack, Omega Drive.

Party members of the supportive type should be at the ready as often as possible to respond to fatal and threatening attacks. Party members should be buffed with Protect, Shell, War Cry and Haste as early as possible. Before getting down to 50% of its HP, Ω Weapon only uses magic-based attacks so casting Protect is not necessary. After that, the superboss only uses physical-based attacks so casting Shell is not essential.

Some useful Fusion Abilities players should use to their advantage include Full Cure, Hastega, Final Heaven, and Mighty Wall. A party member that has obtained Final Heaven should equip the Ultima Weapon to increase the damage cap and become buffed with War Cry. Players can also use that same technique with the Monk's Martial Arts ability Dropkick. Using Focus gains the damage per strike but instead of wasting turns to use Focus, one can simply make consecutive moves and the damage output in total will be higher. The amount of MP cost will be more but in turn, the battle will finish sooner and less MP will be needed to recover party members. Also, curative items can be bought in the Gladiators' Hall.

This fight will require multiple Dry Ethers, Phoenix Downs, and Elixirs as there will be a lot of MP use, and many times where Ω Weapon will kill one or more party members.

It is recommended, and in some cases, mandatory to keep every party member's max HP and Speed as high as possible as Ω Weapon's moves are threatening the more it levels up.

All in all, although Ω Weapon has a lot of HP and lots of special abilities compared to other superbosses, only the first part of the fight is difficult and luck-based. When its HP depleted to under 50%, its moves are predictable and can be countered without too much effort.

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Omega (capital: Ω, lowercase: ω; Greek Ωμέγα) is the twenty-fourth and last letter of the Greek alphabet. It is synonymous with a set's end or limit.

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