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??? is a location in Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. It can only be accessed on the True Moon through the interdimensional elevator outside of the Lunar Whale, but the player must first clear the True Moon's Subterrane to go there.

The Tail Collector is found inside the tail collector's house, a new location of the Developer's Office. Tradingway is also there, and he will exchange pieces of Adamantite for any Adamant equipment. In The Complete Collection, the player can visit Challengingway here after they beat the game. He will offer the player to assemble three parties to fight a new post-game boss called Lost Babil.


Tail collector.

The player can trade these tails for the following items.

Tail Equipment
Blue Tail Blue Armor
Green Tail Rare Band v2
Red Tail Level Band v2
Black Tail Twin Stars
White Tail Rapid Ring v2
Purple Tail Treasure Hunter v2
Gold Tail Gil Band v2
Gray Trail Rear Ring
Ebony Tail Taunt Ring
Rainbow Tail Limit Ring
Pink Tail Pink Armor


The player can get Adamant equipment from Tradingway for the following number of Adamantite.

Adamantite Equipment
Adamantite x1 Adamant Gloves
Adamantite x2 Adamant Shield
Adamantite x2 Adamant Helm
Adamantite x3 Adamant Armor

Musical themes[]

"A Long Way to Go"

The theme that plays in ??? is "A Long Way to Go".