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??? is the name of a location in the Maxima version of World of Final Fantasy, located on the "Cornelia" continent in Grymoire. It is one of six unmarked locations on the world map that can only be reached by airship, accessible after reading a message inscribed on the tombstone at the mysterious location within The Crystal Tower. On the world map, its location is situated between Cornelia and Pyreglow Forest.


The location consists of only one room and resembles the Secret Branch of Pyreglow Forest. At the end of the room is a Puzzle Switch that must be activated to break a seal required to encounter The Immortal Dark Dragon back at the mysterious location. The Puzzle Switch is referred to as the Earth Seal and requires a stack with the combined weight stat of 14 of higher, and Earth Earth elemental resistance of 200 to activate it.

Musical themes[]

"Labyrinth of Lights" is the background theme that plays in this area.


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