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????: Want in on this number? Then show me your moves!
Paine: Think you can keep up?
???? and Paine

???? is a boss from Final Fantasy X-2. She is actually Leblanc taking the form of Yuna in her Songstress dressphere, and is the first battle in the game. She appears along with two Goons.

The BradyGames guide lists this enemy as "???".[1]

Stats Edit

Battle Edit

???? casts two abilities: Haste and Regen in the form of Ecstasy, upon her Goons, and Thunder offensively. Ecstasy also doubles the Goons' maximum HP, meaning they have twenty-six HP each instead of the usual thirteen.

When playing with a New Game Plus file and using Borrowed Time (Thief's ability) on one of the goons, ???? will cast Haste to remove its Stop.

Strategy Edit

Being the first battle, ???? is easy to defeat with just normal attacks, but the battle is easier if the player eliminates the Goons first. Stealing the Goons' Budget Grenades with Rikku and then throwing them with Paine will assure a quick battle.

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Final Fantasy Record Keeper Edit

FFRK Fake Yuna X-2

???? is the boss of the Luca Stadium Core Dungeon. It can cast Haste, Regen, and Thunder, and also use Absorb, draining some HP from a single party member and sapping their ability charges. ???? has no Poison immunity or any resistances to Break abilities, and no elemental weaknesses or resistances.

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