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"'Neath Dark Waters" (冥き水底 ~テンペスト:深部~, Kuraki Minasoko ~Tenpesuto: Shinbu~?, lit. Dark Waters Bottom ~Tempest: Deep Part~) is a field theme in Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers. It was composed and arranged by Masayoshi Soken.

It is an arrangement of "Full Fathom Five", the field theme of the Norvrandt Slope and the Caliban Gorge in the Tempest.

Game appearances[]

Final Fantasy XIV[]

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers[]

"'Neath Dark Waters" plays as the field theme of Amaurot in the Tempest.

It is the 71st track on Shadowbringers: Final Fantasy XIV Original Soundtrack.

"Mortal Instants" is an arrangement by Ken Ito and Daiki Ishikawa which plays as the dungeon theme of Amaurot Amaurot. It is the 73rd track on the soundtrack.

"To the Edge" shares the same melody and the ticking clock and plays as the final boss theme against Elidibus as the Warrior of Light in The Seat of Sacrifice The Seat of Sacrifice. It is the 44th track on Death Unto Dawn: Final Fantasy XIV Original Soundtrack.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker[]

"Neath Dark Waters (Scions & Sinners)" plays in the Watcher's Palace at Mare Lamentorum. It is the 26th track on Endwalker: Final Fantasy XIV Original Soundtrack.

Arrangement album appearances[]

Pulse: Final Fantasy XIV Remix Album[]

A remix arranged by Takafumi Imamura was released for the album.

Scions & Sinners: Final Fantasy XIV ~Arrangement Album~[]

A piano arrangement of "'Neath Dark Waters" arranged and performed by Keiko appears in this album.

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