Zangan (ザンガン, Zangan) is a non-player character in the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII. Zangan has grey hair and wears a cape, and is the resident Martial Arts master in Nibelheim. He trained Tifa to fight as a Monk. When Sephiroth killed nearly everyone in Nibelheim and set fire to the town, Zangan and Cloud tried to rescue any survivors. After Cloud and Zack's confrontation with Sephiroth at the Mt. Nibel Reactor, Zangan carried Tifa to safety but was unable to come back for Cloud and Zack before Shinra and Professor Hojo arrived. Zangan took Tifa to Midgar for medical attention and departed the town sometime after, unwilling to settle down.

Five years later, Tifa discovered a letter sent to her by Zangan tucked away in her piano in the reconstructed Shinra mock-up of Nibelheim. This letter instructed her to continue her training and spoke of his suspicions of the reconstructed town. The letter also contained her final Limit Break, Final Heaven. In the letter, Zangan recounts his saving her at Mt. Nibel, and claims "he can't even jump anymore", implying he may have become injured since leaving Tifa. Whatever the case, his ultimate fate once he left Midgar is unknown.

He can also be fought as a boss in the Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII- Training Mode.


Zangan in Last Order: Final Fantasy VII

Oddly, he is only vaguely mentioned in Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- in an e-mail sent to Zack by Tifa, and is never actually seen.

TriviaSửa đổi

  • During development of Final Fantasy VII, Zangan was planned to be found in Nibelheim in person, where he would tell Cloud that the survivors of the town's destruction had been killed by Shinra, and he would relate to Tifa that he took her to safety. This was ultimately cut from the game.
  • Zangan is voiced in Last Order by Hiroshi Fujioka, of Kamen Rider fame.
  • At one point in the film Last Order, Zack addresses Zangan as his uncle.
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