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"Really, now, what person would execute a dear friend?"
"You would.
—Kinoc and Auron

Wen Kinoc (ウェン=キノック, Wen-Kinokku) is a non-player character in Final Fantasy X and had a cameo role in Final Fantasy X-2.

StorySửa đổi

Final Fantasy XSửa đổi

Kinoc was a Maester of Yevon and the commander of Bevelle's army who oversaw Operation Mi'ihen. He was once a Warrior Monk and good friend of Auron, from whom he was offered advice and inspiration. It was revealed in Auron's Sphere that he was made second-in-command, a title originally meant for Auron. Following Auron's fall from grace within the clergy, Kinoc continued to take his place and within ten years, had risen swiftly to attain the title of Maester. Along with this title came a wealth of power, and Kinoc began to hunger for more but feared losing it. One of his exploits as Maester was the forming of the Crimson Squad, which ended in failure.

He is first introduced during Operation Mi'ihen. After that, he and his Warrior Monks guard the wedding of Yuna and Maester Seymour Guado in Bevelle and try to shoot down the Airship Fahrenheit with Yuna's guardians (including Auron) aboard, trying to break up the wedding (Seymour was only marrying Yuna because marrying a summoner gives them the power to become the summoner's Final Aeon, hence making them the next Sin) and Seymour was blackmailing Yuna to do it. When the guardians crash the wedding when hopping off the Fahrenheit in a CGI action style (which is the only time Kinoc is seen in FMV). Yuna uses an Aeon to escape into Bevelle Temple, while Rikku uses an Al-Bhed flash bomb to escape with the rest of the guardians while Kinoc and the monks have their guns to them. After Yuna obtains the Aeon, Bahamut, Kinoc and monks arrest Yuna and her guardians and after the trial, which he attends, is ordered by Maester Mika to throw the refugees in the Via Purifico.

Following Yuna and her Guardians' escape from the Via Purifico, Kinoc accompanies Seymour to the exit to apprehend the traitors, but along the way he was killed by Seymour, who had 'relieved him of all fear' which he believed was the only thing that could save Spira. Shortly after, Seymour absorbs the Pyreflies from Kinoc to evolve into Seymour Natus to apprehend Yuna himself, thus sending Kinoc to the Farplane, though he never turns up there.

Final Fantasy X-2Sửa đổi

Yuna, Rikku and Paine discover an unsent who looks like Kinoc in the Via Infinito, two years later in Final Fantasy X-2. It takes the form of a giant crab similar to the Boris spider fought at the beginning of the game, on Mt. Gagazet. This explains Kinoc's absence in the Farplane, as he was obviously sent there with Mika and Jyscal, and the rest. He can also be seen in a sphere when he commands Nooj, Gippal, Baralai, etc. to explore the Den of Woe during Operation Mi'ihen, reflecting the Crimson Squad.

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