Valefor's menu portrait.

Valefor (ヴァルファーレ Varufāre) là một summon xuất hiện nhiều lần trong dòng game Final Fantasy .

Ngoại hình[sửa | sửa mã nguồn]

Final Fantasy X[sửa | sửa mã nguồn]

See the Summon and Overdrive sequences here.
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Valefor's Fayth.

Valefor's fayth, a little girl, is located in the temple of Besaid. She is Yuna's first obtained Aeon. This aerial Aeon easily dodges many attacks from the ground. Valefor's regular attack is a quick, snatching motion, which is enhanced by the Aeon's high Accuracy.

Valefor has the unique ability Sonic Wings. Valefor's unique attack sends a shockwave at one enemy, inflicting damage and delaying the enemy's next turn. Because of the delay effect and short recovery time, you can often hit enemies repeatedly with Sonic Wings with little or no retaliation.

Valefor is the only Aeon to have two Overdrives. The default Overdrive is Energy Ray: Valefor fires a super-charged beam that explodes underneath all the foes and causes non-elemental damage. Her second Overdrive, Energy Blast, is obtained by speaking to a little girl in Besaid Village and then inspecting her dog. For Energy Blast, Valefor fires a number of destructive beams, damaging all enemies. Energy Blast deals more damage than Energy Ray, but has a longer recovery time. If Yuna has possession of the upgraded Nirvana Celestial Weapon, Valefor will gain Break Damage Limit and her attacks will be able to inflict over 9,999 HP on the opponent.

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Valefor in battle.

Valefor can be fought in the Remiem Temple when summoned by Belgemine. She is also fought again before the final boss, Yu Yevon.

In the PAL and International versions of Final Fantasy X, Dark Valefor is an optional boss which can be fought at the entrance to the Village of Besaid after Yuna and the party escape from Bevelle.

Final Fantasy X-2[sửa | sửa mã nguồn]

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In Final Fantasy X-2, Valefor, along with the other Final Fantasy X Aeons, is possessed by Shuyin's hatred and appears as a boss in Besaid temple during Chapter 3.

Final Fantasy XIII[sửa | sửa mã nguồn]

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Cocoon l'Cie transforms into Valefor.

A recreation of Valefor makes an appearance at Nautilus's Pompa Sancta. In the play, the Cocoon l'Cie transforms into it to face Ragnarok.

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