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"This is the capital of Esthar. It's really huge. Just be careful not to get lost."
—Esthar Guard

Esthar City (エスタシティ, EsutaShiti) is a location in Final Fantasy VIII. The capital city of the reclusive nation Esthar, Esthar City spans almost the entirety of the Great Plains of Esthar. It is hidden behind an OCS (Optical Camouflage System) Barrier, an invention that cloaks Esthar from view of the outside world.

StorySửa đổi

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For a long time, Esthar was governed by the cruel Sorceress Adel. With the help of Dr. Odine, she sought a child to whom she could give her powers to. She finally set her sights on Ellone. However, Laguna saw his chance here, and used Ellone as bait to seal Adel's powers and launch her into space. After this, Laguna was hailed as the hero of the Esthar revolution, and was elected president, with his two friends Kiros and Ward working together with him. With this, the Sorceress War was abruptly ended, and for the next seventeen years, Esthar kept its silence.

By the time of Final Fantasy VIII, Squall arrives here, carrying the unconscious Rinoa on his back. Seeing only the Salt Flats, and no city, they began to think the reclusive Esthar did not exist anymore. However, they discovered that most of the continent was hidden by a cloaking device to protect the city against invasion from their old enemies. They enter the city, and meet with Dr. Odine. He advises them to go out into space, and Esthar's Lunar Base, to talk to Ellone about going back into time to find out the fate of Rinoa. Squall splits his group into two; his group will go into space, while Zell's group protects the Sorceress Edea.

Later on, Seifer and the Galbadian Army have raised the Lunatic Pandora from beneath the ocean, and are steering it over Esthar towards Tears' Point. Zell devises a plan to board the Lunatic Pandora, and successfully does so, only to be thrown right out. The Lunatic Pandora reaches Tears' Point and initiates the Lunar Cry.

LayoutSửa đổi

The limits of Esthar City actually takes up the entire western side of Esthar. While the city can be explored on the world map the player only gets to enter the city's central districts closest to the Presidential Residence.

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Dr. Odine's Laboratory

Located south-west in prospective to the Presidential Residence this laboratory is Odine's primary labs where he conducts Sorceress research. While in his other labs outside the city; the Lunatic Pandora Laboratory, he conducts research on the Lunatic Pandora.

Ragnarok 2

Esthar Airstation.

Esthar Airstation

West in prospective to the Presidential Residence the airstation provides docking privileges for aircraft such as the Ragnarok airship.

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Presidential Residence

Home of the Esthar presidential staff and the president himself. Sorceress Adel once ruled from this palace and now, ironically, her stasis chamber is shaped in the Presidential Residence's image. The residence serves as Laguna's abode, due to his status as Esthar's President.

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Located at the city entrance cars can be hired here for a small fee. Remember, although you can avoid random encounters on the field in a car, you need fuel to run them.

ShopsSửa đổi

Cloud's Shop

Item Price
Hi-Potion 500 Gil
Phoenix Down 500 Gil
Eye Drops 100 Gil
Soft 100 Gil
Remedy 1,000 Gil
Tent 1,000 Gil
Fuel 3,000 Gil
Normal Ammo 20 Gil
Shotgun Ammo 40 Gil
Dark Ammo 300 Gil
Fire Ammo 500 Gil
Demolition Ammo 800 Gil
Fast Ammo 100 Gil
G-Potion 200 Gil
G-Hi-Potion 600 Gil
G-Returner 500 Gil

Johnny's Shop

Item Price
Potion 100 Gil
Hi-Potion 500 Gil
X-Potion 5,000 Gil
Mega-Potion 10,000 Gil
Phoenix Down 500 Gil
Mega Phoenix 10,000 Gil
Elixir 50,000 Gil
Antidote 100 Gil
Eye Drops 100 Gil
Soft 100 Gil
Echo Screen 100 Gil
Holy Water 100 Gil
Remedy 1,000 Gil
Tent 1,000 Gil
Cottage 1,800 Gil
G-Potion 200 Gil

RinRin's Store

Item Price
G-Potion 200 Gil
G-Hi-Potion 600 Gil
G-Returner 500 Gil
Pet House 1,000 Gil
Amnesia Greens 1,000 Gil
HP-J Scroll 10,000 Gil
Str-J Scroll 10,000 Gil
Vit-J Scroll 10,000 Gil
Mag-J Scroll 10,000 Gil
Spr-J Scroll 10,000 Gil
Pet Pals Vol. 5 1,000 Gil
Pet Pals Vol. 6 1,000 Gil
Giant's Ring 20,000 Gil
Power Wrist 20,000 Gil
Force Armlet 20,000 Gil
Hypno Crown 20,000 Gil

Karen's Store

Item Price
Weapons Mon 1st 50,000 Gil
Weapons Mon Mar 1,000 Gil
Weapons Mon Apr 1,000 Gil
Weapons Mon May 1,000 Gil
Weapons Mon Jun 1,000 Gil
Weapons Mon Jul 1,000 Gil
Weapons Mon Aug 1,000 Gil
Combat King 001 1,000 Gil
Combat King 002 1,000 Gil
Combat King 003 1,000 Gil
Combat King 004 1,000 Gil
Combat King 005 30,000 Gil
Pet Pals Vol. 1 1,000 Gil
Pet Pals Vol. 2 1,000 Gil
Occult Fan I 35,000 Gil
Occult Fan II 35,000 Gil

Transportation servicesSửa đổi

Esthar City is served by a platform shuttle service that runs throughout the inner city.

Musical ThemesSửa đổi

"Silence and Motion"
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  • "Silence and Motion" - Esthar's theme. It is an ambient composition of strange electronic synth whistles and chimes that give the impression of technological progress and marvels that Esthar is abundant with.
  • "SeeD" - Played during and after the Lunar Cry incident in Esthar.

EnemiesSửa đổi

Esthar City, peaceful as it is, may be overwhelmed with monsters, and this will happen permanently due to the Lunar Cry. Before the Lunar Cry, monsters may be encountered on the overworld map of Esthar only, but after the said event, monsters can be found inside.

Before Lunar CrySửa đổi


Lunatic Pandora AttackSửa đổi

City Interior

After Lunar CrySửa đổi

City Interior
  • Behemoth
  • Imp
  • Iron Giant
  • Torama
  • Turtapod
  • Elnoyle (on certain streets)

GallerySửa đổi

TriviaSửa đổi

  • The protagonist of Final Fantasy VII, Cloud Strife, makes a cameo appearance in Esthar through his name being used as a shop title; Cloud's Shop.

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