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Priscilla is a non-player character from Final Fantasy VII. She was a young resident of lower Junon and friends with a dolphin nicknamed "Mr. Dolphin." Cloud Strife encounters Priscilla as she was attacked by Bottomswell. After defeating Bottomswell, Cloud preformed CPR on her. She recovered fully and became infatuated with Cloud. As a gift, she gives him her amulet, which turns out to be the Summon Materia, Shiva. Priscilla then gives a whistle by which Cloud can call Mr. Dolphin and use him to jump up into the upper layers of Junon.

For the rest of the game Priscilla follows Cloud's actions very carefully. She is aware of the fact that Cloud fell into the Lifestream. Once they meet again, she orders Cloud to be more careful because she wants to marry him.

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