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The Nalbina Fortress is a location on the world of Ivalice on the game Final Fantasy XII.

Nalbina Fortress is located just north-east of Rabanastre and marks the border of Dalmasca and Nabradia. It was here, during the Battle of Nalbina Fortress, that the Knights of Dalmasca were decimated, and Prince Rasler Heios succumbed to the arrow of an imperial soldier. A short while later, King Raminas was assassinated in the royal apartments, an event marking the end of autonomous rule for Dalmasca. A young soldier named Reks also died as a result of the assassination, and Dalmasca's Captain Basch was charged with the crimes.

After the imperials took control of Nalbina Fortress, it was utilized primarily as a prison. However, the city itself was rebuilt, and now contains a thriving market and airship dock.

Notable CitizensSửa đổi

ShopsSửa đổi

Note: The inventory for the various shops changes throughout the game. These items may not all be available at the same time.

Mysterious MagicksSửa đổi

This list has been sorted by magick color. You may wish to consult the Magick article for more information on individual spells.

Spell Cost
Cure200 gil
Curaga3,200 gil
Poisona200 gil
Blindna200 gil
Dispel4,500 gil
Bio4,900 gil
Fire200 gil
Thunder200 gil
Blizzard200 gil
Fira3,000 gil
Thundara3,000 gil
Blizzara3,000 gil
Spell Cost
Countdown3,100 gil
Stop3,700 gil
Haste3,400 gil
Slow200 gil
Toxify4,100 gil
Blind200 gil
Protect200 gil
Poison500 gil
Death5,200 gil
Vanish4,900 gil
Vanishga8,700 gil

Portenteous ProvisionsSửa đổi

You may wish to consult the List of Final Fantasy XII Items for more information on individual items.

Wares Cost
Onion Arrows100 gil
Onion Bolts100 gil
Onion Shot100 gil
Onion Bombs100 gil
Potion70 gil
Antidote50 gil
Eye Drops50 gil
Phoenix Down250 gil
Echo Herbs50 gil
Gold Needle100 gil
Alarm Clock50 gil
Handkerchief50 gil
Hi-Potion210 gil
Bacchus's Wine120 gil
Smelling Salts50 gil
Remedy400 gil

Troublesome TechnicksSửa đổi

You may wish to consult the Technick article for more information on individual technicks.

Technick Cost
First Aid700 gil
Poach7,000 gil
Charge1,700 gil
Horology2,000 gil
Souleater6,400 gil
Traveler6,700 gil
Numerology2,048 gil
Shear3,600 gil
Achilles8,800 gil
Gil Toss2,000 gil
Charm5,000 gil
Sight Unseeing6,800 gil
Infuse2,000 gil

Weapons of WarSửa đổi

You may wish to consult the List of Final Fantasy XII Weapons article for more information on individual weapons.

Weapon Cost
Altair500 gil
Longsword700 gil
Mage Masher700 gil
Silver Bow1,000 gil
Iron Sword1,200 gil
Oak Staff400 gil
Flame Staff2,400 gil
Storm Staff2,400 gil
Glacial Staff2,400 gil
Flametongue5,200 gil
Loxley Bow5,200 gil
War Hammer5,200 gil
Crossbow5,200 gil
Healing Rod3,000 gil
Betelgeuse5,400 gil
Kogarasumaru5,600 gil
Ashura5,600 gil
Weapon Cost
Miter5,000 gil
Storm Spear5,800 gil
Iron Pole5,300 gil
Hornito5,800 gil
Arc Scale5,500 gil
Demonsbane6,000 gil
Giant Stonebow6,000 gil
Slasher6,000 gil
Avenger6,000 gil
Magoroku6,600 gil
Paramina Crossbow6,600 gil
Gaia Rod3,300 gil
Icebrand7,000 gil
Ras Algethi7,000 gil
Sakura-saezuri7,000 gil
Golden Staff3,500 gil

Antiqued ArmorsSửa đổi

You may wish to consult the List of Final Fantasy XII Armor article for more information on individual armor pieces.

Armor Cost
Headguard300 gil
Leather Breastplate300 gil
Pointy Hat300 gil
Silken Shirt300 gil
Bronze Helm700 gil
Bronze Armor700 gil
Leather Shield600 gil
Leather Headgear500 gil
Bronze Chestplate500 gil
Topkapi Hat500 gil
Kilimweave Shirt500 gil
Pirate Hat4,000 gil
Viking Coat4,000 gil
Armor Cost
Sorcerer's Hat4,000 gil
Sorcerer's Habit4,000 gil
Close Helmet4,900 gil
Demon Mail4,900 gil
Flame Shield3,200 gil
Goggle Mask4,900 gil
Metal Jerkin4,900 gil
Black Cowl4,900 gil
Black Garb4,900 gil
Bone Helm5,900 gil
Bone Mail5,900 gil
Diamond Shield3,900 gil

MapsSửa đổi

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GallerySửa đổi

Musical ThemesSửa đổi

"Nalbina Fortress Town Area" from Final Fantasy XII''
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When Reks first visits Nalbina, the music that plays is "Infiltration". Later in the game when Vaan can revisit the area, the song "Nalbina Fortress Town Area" plays.

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