Final Fantasy X Boss
Omega Weapon
オメガウェポン (Omega Wepon)
Thông Số
HP (Overkill) MP
NTSC: 99,999 (13,560)
PAL/Int.: 999,999 (66,666)
PAL/Int.: 999
Strength Magic Defense
NTSC: 54
PAL/Int.: 64
NTSC: 50
PAL/Int.: 57
NTSC: 80
PAL/Int.: 90
M. Defense Agility Accuracy
NTSC: 20
PAL/Int.: 80
NTSC: 32
PAL/Int.: 38
Evasion Luck
0 15
AP (Overkill) Gil
50,000 (60,000) 20,000
Thuộc Tính
Fire Lightning Water Ice Holy
NTSC: Halves
PAL/Int.: Absorb
NTSC: Halves
PAL/Int.: Absorb
NTSC: Halves
PAL/Int.: Absorb
NTSC: Halves
PAL/Int.: Absorb
NTSC: Halves
PAL/Int.: Absorb
Địa Điểm Omega Ruins
Steal Được Gambler's Spirit x30
Hiếm Steal Được Gambler's Spirit x30
Thường Rơi Level 4 Key Sphere x3
Hiếm Khi Rơi Level 4 Key Sphere x3
Rơi Weapon Triple Overdrive
Rơi Armor Break HP Limit
Bribe N/A
Kĩ Năng Break, Confuse, Core Energy, Demi, Nova, Shimmering Rain, Ultima
Ronso Rage Nova
Kháng Lại Zanmato (Lv. 4)
Miễn Dịch Silence, Sleep, Darkness, Poison, Petrification, Slow, Zombie, Power Break, Magic Break, Armor Break, Mental Break, Threaten, Death, Provoke, Sensor, Scan, Gravity, Delay, Eject

Omega Weapon is an optional superboss in Final Fantasy X. Omega Weapon is the fearsome fiend who transformed from Omega through his anger. His anger was so great, he spawned the lesser Ultima Weapon in the process.

StrategySửa đổi

During the battle with Omega, Kimahri can learn his strongest Ronso Rage Overdrive: Nova. Omega and Nemesis of the Monster Arena are the only enemies in the game where this skill can be obtained.

Omega's normal physical attack will cause around 4,000 HP damage, and he will also inflict a variety of status effects such as Break and Confuse. Core Energy is an upgraded version of Ultima's and will cause between 4,500 and 9,999 HP to one character; and Shimmering Rain also returns and will hit the whole party for around 2,500 damage. His ultimate attack is Nova, which will inflict around 4,500 damage to all, but this can be reduced with Shell.

Shell, Haste, and Protect are very important for this battle, as Omega cannot be inflicted with debilitating effects such as Delay, Slow, or Auron's Breaks. The special skill Quick Hit is also very useful to get more turns against Omega's high Agility stat.

Version ChangesSửa đổi

In the original North American and Japanese versions, Omega was a rather disappointing boss, having only 99,999 HP, not much of a greater challenge over Ultima (especially considering the new Break Damage Limit ability for Final Fantasy X). He was given an upgrade for the International and PAL/European versions, now having 999,999 HP.

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