FFX Omega Ruins

Omega Ruins

FFX Omega's Chamber

Omega's Chamber.

The Omega Ruins is a large dungeon located within a small group of islands to the east of Spira's main continent in Final Fantasy X. Rather maze-like, unlike many of the other locations in the game, the cave must be mapped by the player. Navigating the dark passages, Tidus and his friends will encounter some of the toughest fiends in the game, including the Master Tonberry and Great Malboro, while also coming across chests which yield some handy (albeit random) treasure.

At the end of the cave, two deadly bosses await the party's arrival.

A traitor to Yevon, Omega was banished to these ruins, and during the long years he was imprisoned, his hatred grew and turned him into a fiendish Weapon, the Omega Weapon. His hatred for Yevon was so strong, he also spawned a lesser Weapon: Ultima.

CoordinatesSửa đổi

To be unlocked on the Airship Map, the coordinates 69-75x and 33-38y have to be found using the Search Function.

MusicSửa đổi

"To the End of the Abyss"
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The theme of the Omega Ruins is called "To the End of the Abyss."

Enemy formationsSửa đổi

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