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"We look alike, but inside, we're very different."

The Nero Brothers, Zenero and Benero, are members of the Tantalus Theater Troupe, unlike their brother Genero who is not a member of Tantalus. They are humanoids, and look like hooded dogs with a twin set of claws. Zenero and Benero appear as comic relief, often having an exclamation mark at the end of their sentences, and the use of a characteristic movement whenever they talk. They reunite with their brother Genero in Alexandria when he is done with his training. They first appear in the play I Want to be Your Canary in the second boss fight with Baku. They are next seen when Baku is preparing the ship for flight. When the ship crashes into the Evil Forest they help the other crew mates. Zenero and Benero keep Steiner locked up in a room and instruct him to drink medicine to recover from a monster attack.

Gambling Minigame[]

The Nero Brothers host a gambling minigame at the start of disk 3 in Alexandria's weapon shop. The minigame is only available when the player controls Zidane. The mini-game is basically a shell game: The three brothers will shuffle their positions and ask the player to identify one of them. After a correct answer the player is given a choice to continue or stop and receive a reward. After a wrong answer the player loses the money they paid for the game. The only reward is gil, and the prize sum rises all the way up to 25,600.

The player can use the start button to pause the game during the shuffle to make it easier.


Benero and Zenero are fought with Baku's character, King Leo, during the play.