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The Mythril Mines are a short dungeon in Final Fantasy VII. They are mines used for extracting the precious metal Mythril by the population of Kalm. The mines travel beneath the mountain range in the eastern continent, connecting the Chocobo Farm to Fort Condor and Junon. Recent appearances of the monster Midgar Zolom have stopped Mythril production.

StorylineSửa đổi

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The party follows Sephiroth (or rather, Jenova masquerading as him) through the mines during their world-wide hunt for him. Outside, he had easily killed a Midgar Zolom prior to the party's arrival, and left its corpse on a tree-trunk as a warning.

Inside the mines, the party meets the Turks: Rude, Tseng, and the rookie Elena. The Turks do not attack, only appearing to give a warning that Reno will be back with a new weapon to fight them with. They then go their separate ways.

Items FoundSửa đổi

Enemy FormationsSửa đổi

Zolom Swamp SideSửa đổi

Fort Condor SideSửa đổi

Eastern PeninsulaSửa đổi

Northern PeninsulaSửa đổi

Musical ThemesSửa đổi

"Lurking in the Darkness" from Final Fantasy VII.
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The background music for the Mythril Mines, like in many other locations, is "Lurking in the Darkness" (闇に潜む Yami ni Hisomu).

NotesSửa đổi

The Mythril Mines are an excellent place to level up Limit Breaks early in the game. Enemy groups in the northern peninsula have as many as five enemies. Using group attacks, like the enemy skill Matra Magic, allow vast numbers of enemies to be defeated in a relatively short time, allowing limit levels to be gained quickly.

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