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Mushroom Rock (キノコ岩谷底 Kinoko-iwatanizoku) is a road and mountain formation situated between Djose and Mi'ihen Highroad in Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2. The area is chiefly known as the site of the ill-fated Operation Mi'ihen where the Crusaders and the Al Bhed joined together to try and defeat Sin. After Yuna and her guardians are branded traitors to Yevon, three summoners can be found wandering the road near the turn-off to the Ravine Path. If approached, they will summon the Dark Magus Sisters to confront the party. This is only in the International and PAL versions.

Following the Eternal Calm, the Youth League built their base of operations at the summit and used the summit trail as their training ground. Several events can take place, depending on the decisions of the player. A mission to clear the area of fiends will be available early on; and later the Gullwings can accept a challenge to run the Ravine Path and fight the League's top warriors, including Yaibal, Elma, and Lucil.

ShopsSửa đổi

O'aka - on the Mushroom Rock RoadSửa đổi

NB: at this point, O'aka's pricing depends on how much gil the player donated to him earlier in the game. The tables below indicate his prices at 100%

Item Cost
Potion50 gil
Phoenix Down100 gil
Antidote50 gil
Eye Drops50 gil
Echo Screen50 gil

Weapon/Armor User Cost
Ice BrandTidus750 gil
Rod of WisdomYuna525 gil
Metal ShieldTidus250 gil
Magic RingYuna2025 gil
Nulfrost ArmguardWakka975 gil
Magic BangleLulu2025 gil
Light BracerAuron1575 gil

O'aka - At Operation Mi'ihen HQSửa đổi

Weapon/Armor User Cost
AvengerTidus4050 gil
T.K.O.Wakka5050 gil
SentryAuron9075 gil
Pearl RingYuna250 gil
White ArmletKimahri1550 gil
Alert ArmletKimahri250 gil
Blue BangleLulu2625 gil
Red RingYuna6150 gil
Lucid ArmguardWakka1875 gil

Open AreasSửa đổi

  • Summit: Operation Mi'ihen HQ, Youth League HQ
  • Mushroom Rock Road
  • Summit Trail (Ravine Path)

Secret PlacesSửa đổi

TreasureSửa đổi

  • Auron's Celestial Weapon, Masamune, is found at the statue of Lord Mi'ihen.
  • Rikku's Celestial Weapon, the Godhand, is located in the ravine and can only be accessed using the Airship.
  • On the cliff edge near the lift to the Summit, Auron's Sphere, needed for his Overdrive, can be found.

Enemy formationsSửa đổi

Bypass RoadSửa đổi

Ravine PathSửa đổi

GallerySửa đổi

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