Mukki and Cloud.

Mukki (ムッキー, Mukkī) is a non-playable, homosexual bodybuilder from Final Fantasy VII. He is first encountered at the Honeybee Inn along with some of his peers. He seems to have taken an instant liking to Cloud and will flirt with him whenever the opportunity presents itself, much to the embarrassment of Cloud. It is from him the player receives the Lingerie or the Bikini Briefs needed to complete Cloud's cross dressing outfit needed to enter Don Corneo's mansion to find Tifa.

If the player enters the Honey Bee Inn and goes to the "Group Room", Cloud will be forced to bathe in a spa with Mukki and several other seemingly homosexual men. Cloud is very nervous and uncomfortable during the encounter, with Mukki flirting with him relentlessly in an attempt to get him to stay and join his "Young Bubby's group". After Cloud manages to get out, Mukki gives him a pair of Bikini Briefs, as a "memento of their time together", much to Cloud's bemusement.

If the player enters the "&$#% Room", Cloud experiences a bizarre hallucination of himself and faints, to the horror of the honeybee-dressed girl nearby. As he wakes up, he feels something being done to him that is hurting him, but then his HP and MP are mysteriously restored. When he comes to he is lying on a bed and Mukki is on top of him, hitting him repeatedly on the face and yelling at him to wake up. Cloud sits up and Mukki lies down beside him, telling him how relieved he is that Cloud is alright. To Cloud's utter confusion, Mukki tells him to "give this next one his best shot". Mukki then starts to leave, saying his "time's up", and as Cloud is still wondering what just happened to him, the honeybee-dressed girl (who was watching everything that happened to Cloud) apologizes to him, saying that there are "a lot of adult things going on". For his trouble, she gives him a piece of Lingerie, which confuses Cloud even further. This scene implies, and generates much fan discussion, that Mukki may have taken advantage of Cloud while he was unconscious.

Mukki is encountered later in the story in Costa Del Sol and Icicle Inn to lighten the mood (for the player), and can therefore be described as a "Comic-Relief Character".

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