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The Moonflow is a large river that dissects Spira's main continent into Southern and Northern halves. The primary method of crossing is on Shoopuf, an elephant-like creature that can swim across the expansive river.

Moonlillies grow on the banks of the Moonflow and pyreflies gather at night, making the water glow and sparkle, truly a wondrous sight to behold.

There are many merchants operating from each of the banks, including O'aka XXIII.

In the deepest part of the waters the remains of an ancient machina city can be seen. Legend says its people tried to defy the laws of nature by building on bridges crossing the river, but eventually the city grew so large that the bridges could no longer support it and it sank. According to Wakka, this story is a perfect example of the teachings of Yevon; that having too much power and seeking to use it is a dangerous thing.

ShopsSửa đổi

O'akaSửa đổi

Item Cost
Potion50 gil
Phoenix Down100 gil
Antidote50 gil
Eye Drops50 gil
Echo Screen50 gil
Soft50 gil
Weapon/Armor User Cost
Double-EdgeTidus2175 gil
Switch HitterWakka975 gil
SnakeheadKimahri3075 gil
Mythril RingYuna1575 gil
Emerald BangleLulu1125 gil
Serum BracerAuron1425 gil

Nb: O'aka is also found on the North Bank, but only selling his items at the same prices.

Merchant 1Sửa đổi

Item Cost
Potion62 gil
Phoenix Down125 gil
Antidote62 gil
Eye Drops62 gil
Echo Screen62 gil
Soft62 gil
Weapon/Armor User Cost
Bright ShieldTidus1968 gil
Serum RingYuna1781 gil
Danger ArmguardWakka1968 gil
Echo BangleLulu1968 gil
Soft ArmletKimahri3281 gil
Blue BracerAuron3843 gil

Merchant 2Sửa đổi

Item Cost
Potion100 gil
Phoenix Down200 gil
Antidote100 gil
Eye Drops100 gil
Echo Screen100 gil
Soft100 gil
Weapon/Armor User Cost
Serum ShieldTidus2850 gil
Nultide RingYuna3150 gil
Soft ArmguardWakka5250 gil
Emerald BangleLulu2250 gil
Bright ArmletKimahri3150 gil
White BracerAuron6150 gil

Merchant 3Sửa đổi

Item Cost
Potion100 gil
Phoenix Down200 gil
Antidote100 gil
Eye Drops100 gil
Echo Screen100 gil
Soft100 gil
Weapon/Armor User Cost
Hunter's SwordTidus2250 gil
FlametongueTidus3750 gil
Ice BallWakka3750 gil
Twin LanceKimahri8700 gil
Blurry MoonAuron6150 gil

Merchant 4Sửa đổi

Item Cost
Potion92 gil
Phoenix Down185 gil
Antidote92 gil
Eye Drops92 gil
Echo Screen92 gil
Soft92 gil
Weapon/Armor User Cost
Rod of DarknessYuna7076 gil
Fatal Cait SithLulu14,892 gil
Noxious Cait SithLulu5688 gil
Force LanceKimahri5827 gil
Thunder SpearKimahri6937 gil

TreasureSửa đổi

  • Summoner's Soul - Given to Yuna after the battle of Aeons with Belgemine. Enables the raising of an Aeon's stats by using items.
  • After the events at Macalania, a Jecht Sphere for Auron's Overdrive can be found on the South Wharf in front of the tent.

Enemy FormationsSửa đổi

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