Cloud's mother and Zack Fair in Crisis Core.

"You should have... An older girlfriend, one that would take care of you. I think that would be the perfect type for you."
—Cloud's Mother on Cloud's love life

Cloud's Mother is a minor character in Final Fantasy VII. She is Cloud Strife's mother. She appears only once, during Cloud's flashback to the Nibelheim Incident. Being Cloud's mother, she looks a lot like him, with the same hair style and color only with an added ponytail. Cloud describes her as "vibrant". Cloud's mother raised him all alone, since his father died when Cloud was very young. When Cloud goes off to join SOLDIER, she is left all alone in her house in Nibelheim. When Cloud returned to Nibelheim with Sephiroth in the fateful mission, Cloud met with his mother. She worried about him, especially around the girls. Cloud's memory fails about the rest of the conversation. Due to Cloud's fragmented memory of this meeting with her, it is likely that Cloud was merely remembering conversations that he had with his mother at other points in his life, and that he had mentally inserted these memories into his false recollection of the Nibelheim Incident. She is among the citizens that are killed when Sephiroth ravages Nibelheim. When Cloud revisits his old house, he finds one of the stand-ins that Hojo employed as part of the cover-up, who claims that she has lived there her whole life.

She also makes a brief cameo during Crisis Core, standing at the town's square. However, Zack Fair never really interacts with her, except for some generic dialogue. Zack receives mail from Cloud inviting him to come over to her house and try her cooking. Her overall look is different, but her face textures are much similar to her son's. She is still unnamed to date.

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