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"Thấy không? Cúi thấp đầu xuống, nói "thưa ngài" nhiều một chút, và cậu sẽ thấy là mình làm tốt thôi."

Luzzu là một nhân vật không điều khiển được trong Final Fantasy X. Anh ta là một Crusader đóng tại Besaid cùng với Gatta. Anh ta He was close friends with Wakka's brother Chappu, and it was he who convinced Chappu to join the Crusaders and fight with a Machina weapon during a battle with Sin that caused his death. Shortly before Operation Mi'ihen, Luzzu admits this to Wakka and gets punched in the mouth.

Depending on how Tidus advises Gatta before the Operation, the player can decide the fate of the two characters. If the player tells Gatta to stay behind during the battle, Luzzu is killed and Gatta goes back to Besaid. If the player tells Gatta to join in and fight, the result is other way round.

After gaining control of the airship, Yuna and her friends can return to Besaid and find either Luzzu or Gatta training a new group of Crusaders, ever vigilant in the face of Sin.

Luzzu is neither seen or mentioned in Final Fantasy X-2, as the game has no way of knowing whether he lived or died in Final Fantasy X.

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