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Cloud sử dụng một Limit Break

"When an enemy has pushed your anger to the limits, you can unleash unimaginable power."

The Limit command, also known as the Special command in the Demo release is a means to using Limit Breaks, also known as Limits, Limit Techniques, or Special Abilities in the Demo release.

Yuffie receiving her Limit Break command

Limit Breaks are a set of abilities unique to each character in Final Fantasy VII. They function similarly to the Desperation Attacks of Final Fantasy VI except there is slightly more player control over the system. Each character has a LIMIT gauge (a SPECIAL gauge in the Demo release) which fills as the character gets angrier as they are attacked by opponents. When the gauge is filled, it will flash, the pink battle message "LIMIT BREAK" appears, the term preceded by the character's name, and their Attack command is replaced with the "Limit" command which flashes in different colors. Also, if the gauge is filled after selecting a command, not on the command menu, the TIME gauge will fill up far quicker than usual. It will fill up at normal speed on future turns if you do not use a Limit Break however.

When using a Limit Break, the camera angle focuses in on the character, a flame-colored light emits outwards from the ground beneath them while a sound is played before the technique is used.


Early screenshots of Final Fantasy VII featuring an early organization of the status window

It is unknown how far along in the planning stages the Limit Break system was designed, but it seems to have been an idea even in the earlier development stages. The first screens of the game with the less defined models in 1995 shows the LIMIT gauge next to the character's name on the left of the HP. Barret also seemed to use Hammerblow Limit Break as a normal attack, indicating his gun-arm was only initially meant to be used for Limit Breaks.

The SPECIAL gauge as seen in the Demo release

The release of the Japanese Demo showed the reorganization of the status window to the format used in the final version of the game and a working system and animations. In the English Demo release, there were a number of differences that could be seen from the final English version concerning Limit Breaks. Firstly, they were renamed to "Special Abilities", and to the "SPECIAL" command, despite being called "Limit Breaks" in the Japanese version of the demo. Cloud has his first two Limit Breaks available, Braver, a strong attack which inflicts Paralysis and Cross Slash, a stronger attack with no statuses attached. Barret can use Heavy Shot, a stronger version of his attack, and Aeris has Healing Wind.

While there were no changes for the Japanese version from their demo to the final release except the chance to explore the full system, In the English versions, the SPECIAL command and Special Abilities returned to the LIMIT command and Limit Breaks. In addition, Braver is a strong attack which no longer inflicts Paralysis, while Cross Slash was renamed Cross-slash and could inflict Paralysis. Heavy Shot was renamed to Big Shot and remained the same, while Healing Wind experienced no change.


"When the gauge is full, you can use a "Limit Technique"."

The Limit Break system is far more in-depth than the Desperation Attacks of Final Fantasy VI. Character's have four Limit levels, each containing one or two Limit Breaks. Only one level can be set to a player at a time, and therefore only one or two Limit Breaks are available when the gauge is filled, not all previously learned. The first Limit Break of a character is available automatically, while the others require the player to use Limit Breaks a certain number of times, or to kill a certain amount of enemies. The final Limit Break for most characters is taught through the use of a unique item.

There are only two methods of using a Limit Break. The first is to fill up the gauge, selecting the "Limit" command, while the second is to have previously used the Limit command, not used another attack since then including Counters, and then using the Mime command. Character's can only mime their own Limit Breaks, not other characters. This can be exploited many times in the game, particularly in the Battle Square where only one player can battle at the same time, and after the series of battles end the stats are reset to before the series of battles were initiated.

It should also be noted, when trying to Mime another character's Limit Break, the sound plays and the flame-colored light is emitted, but the command will fail.


The Girl using a Limit Break in the Beginner's Hall

"Don't mess with me. I used to be in SOLDIER. I'll tell you how much I know... an' for free too."

In Final Fantasy VII, Cloud gives a number of tutorials about Limit Breaks while in 7th Heaven for the benefit of the player. For the short time towards the start of the game, the player can visit the Beginner's Hall before leaving for the train.

The first tutorial is given to the guy outside of the cage. Cloud explains that the LIMIT gauge is based on how angry the character is and the basics about LIMIT levels. Cloud will briefly talk about the system if the player selects the option about the status window, but explains the functions of the Limit window if the player asks about the Limit status in particular.

How to check your status?
This is called a Limit gauge.
It shows your anger level.
When the gauge is full, you can use a "Limit Technique".
I'll tell you about "Limit Techniques" later.
About Limit status?
Here are a few hints on limit techniques.
When an enemy has pushed your anger to the limits,
you can unleash unimaginable power.
You know what I mean, right?
The trick is how to use it.
Access the menu and select [Limit].
Now select a member.
Now decide what you limit will be.
Lower limits have less power,
but you can use them more often.
If you set your limit higher,
you can inflict great damage,
but you'll have to wait longer.
After using this technique for awhile,
you'll improve your technique.
Your development will change
depending on how you fight.
I can't tell you how it will change.
That's something you'll have to find out by yourself.
I've heard a rumor about secret items
that inspire ultimate techniques.
I don't know whether those items really exist.
That's it! Try everything out and use what's best for you!

A second tutorial can be given to the men standing on the boxes focusing on the functions of the Limit system in battle when asking about the gauges.

About the gauges
"The [limit gauge] increases every time
you sustain damage.
When it is full,
you can use the [limit technique]."
"This gauge is not cleared after each battle,
but gradually builds over time."
"It takes a while for it to build up,
so you have to think about which
times are the best to use it."
"You probably don't know about it,
but there are conditions of
[status], [fury], and [sadness]."
"When you have [fury],
your limit gauge builds up sooner,
but your attacking accuracy is lower."
"Keep in mind that [sadness] makes
your limit gauge build up slower,
but the damage you receive is also lessened."

Cloud can also give a visual tutorial for the benefit of the player to the kids standing on the boxes. The boy will repeatedly attack the girl until a light flashes, she glows white, and inflicts a combo attack and knocks her opponent over.

Limit Levels[]

Yuffie's full set of Limit Breaks

"Your development will change depending on how you fight. I can't tell you how it will change. That's something you'll have to find out by yourself."

In the menu, each character is shown to have four LIMIT LEVELs. Each LEVEL contains two Limit Breaks with exception to everyone's LEVEL 4 where there is only one, Vincent who has one for each LEVEL, and Cait Sith who has only two Limit Breaks in total, one for LEVEL 1 and one for LEVEL 2.

It should be noted that LEVEL 4 Limit Breaks act like Summon scenes where the camera changes regardless of settings, and the player cannot choose the targets for commands by other characters.

To obtain the second Limit Break of a Level, the character must have used the first Limit Break of the level a specific of times. To obtain the first limit of a Level, the character must have killed a specific number of enemies after having set the preceding LEVEL. It is entirely possible to obtain the first Limit Break of a Limit Level before having obtained the second Limit Break of the preceding Limit Level. The character's next Limit Level can still be set. However, the LEVEL 4 Limit Break of each character can only be obtained by giving an item to someone once all of their other Limit Breaks have been learned. If one is missed, the player must go back and re-set their Limit Level and continue in getting the specified amount of kills before being able to add the manual.

Vincent only has one LIMIT ability per level, so it is technically possible to learn all his Limit Breaks without having to use any since the first LIMIT abilities of a Limit Level are obtained by kills on the preceding Limit Level.

Tifa is the only character that has access to all her LIMIT abilities at once, since she doesn't have any sub-commands beneath her LIMIT command, but slot reels that decide whether each ability misses, hits, or criticals.

Cloud 1 Start 120 kills 320 kills Omnislash item
2 8 Limit Breaks 7 Limit Breaks 6 Limit Breaks
Barret 1 Start 80 kills 160 kills Catastrophe item
2 9 Limit Breaks 8 Limit Breaks 6 Limit Breaks
Tifa 1 Start 96 kills 192 kills Final Heaven item
2 9 Limit Breaks 7 Limit Breaks 6 Limit Breaks
Aeris 1 Start 80 kills 160 kills Great Gospel item
2 8 Limit Breaks 6 Limit Breaks 5 Limit Breaks
Red XIII 1 Start 72 kills 144 kills Cosmo Memory item
2 8 Limit Breaks 7 Limit Breaks 6 Limit Breaks
Yuffie 1 Start 64 kills 128 kills All Creation item
2 8 Limit Breaks 7 Limit Breaks 6 Limit Breaks
Cait Sith 1 Start 40 kills - -
2 - - -
Vincent 1 Start 40 kills 96 kills Chaos item
2 - - -
Cid 1 Start 60 kills 136 kills Highwind item
2 7 Limit Breaks 6 Limit Breaks 5 Limit Breaks

Players who grind at early stages of the game often obtain most of their Limit Breaks on the first Disc. The earliest stage of the game for a player to grind for Limit Breaks is in Midgar's Sector 4 Train Tunnel where if the player heads backwards far enough, they will get into a series of battles that only stop when the player chooses to, and after healing, or switching Materia with characters who still have MP remaining, can re-enter another series of battles. This is the best place for quick kills, and with LEVEL 1 Limit Breaks, the player's gauges should fill quickly.

The Matra Magic Enemy Skill attacks all enemies for a cheap MP cost, so player's usually use this to get quick kills against the enemies outside the Chocobo Farm. And since the Hyper items are available here, player's can exploit the Fury status to build their LIMIT gauge quicker.

After obtaining the Tiny Bronco, at which point in the game it is perfectly possible to have all nine characters in the party, players use the Mideel Area, the Fury status and the large groups to get kills and use fill LIMIT gauges. Additionally, a sufficiently leveled Restore materia containing the Regen, or at high enough levels, the Fury Ring to keep the party in Berserk.

Aeris has the Limit Break Fury Brand which fills the other two player's LIMIT gauges and reduces hers. If Aeris has learned her other Limit Breaks of the first three levels, this is a quicker way to get other character's to use there Limit Breaks to learn new ones. This is also helpful when player's are trying to use their first LEVEL 3 Limit Break, since her LEVEL 2 gauge fills quicker than all LEVEL 3 gauges. If Aeris's full LIMIT gauge is withheld, the player can wait for the other two characters to use their LIMIT commands before Aeris uses hers, so there's no wasted build-up.

Half of the characters can get all their Limit Breaks on the first disc, while the rest only starting from the second. The earliest is Aeris's Great Gospel, then Red XIII's Cosmo Memory, then Cloud's Omnislash, and then Yuffie's All Creation. The character with the latest opportunity to obtain their final Limit Break is Cid due to his ability being inside the Sunken Gelnika, requiring the use of the Submarine. While Vincent's can be obtained through use of the Submarine, it can be obtained earlier through either the Green Chocobo or Blue Chocobo.

Limit Gauge[]

Cloud selecting a Limit Break

"You've got to hang in there. Your limit gauge is just starting to build."

There are four variables that effect how quickly the Limit Gauge fills up. The first is the damage taken by the attack, the second is the character's maximum HP, the third is the Limit level, and the fourth is the status a character is in.

The basics of the system is the more damage taken off in the attack, the higher the gauge will fill. The Limit gauge fills when an enemy unit attacks a player unit, and the amount of damage is taken into consideration. The Max HP acts against this stat where the higher the player's max HP the less the gauge fills. An enemy unit under the manipulate status still increases the player's gauge, while a player unit attacking another player unit or itself will not increase the gauge. A character in the Confusion status attacking another player unit will not increase the gauge either. Restorative items will not reduce the gauge.

Each character technically has four Limit levels, while Cait Sith only has access to two. As the Limit levels progress, the damage that needs the character needs to take increases. This is because enemies becomes stronger as the player progresses through the story and therefore it will take roughly the same time to achieve the Limit breaks, which also improve as the story progresses. While the difference in time it takes Cait Sith to fill a gauge between levels 1 and 2 is very small, it takes over double the time for Cloud.

The final variable is the statuses. There are two different statuses that have an effect on the Limit Break. The Fury status will double the rate at which the Limit gauge increases when compared to a unit not in the status, and a unit in Sadness status will half the rate at which the Limit gauge increases compared to a unit not in the status. Fury and Sadness cannot be inflicted at the same time. Attempting to inflict Fury on a target with Sadness will balance and leave no status inflicted, and vice-versa. Players use the Hyper item, originally intended to cure Sadness, to exploit the Fury status to gain Limit breaks quicker.

Though the Limit gauge is a gauge and has no number attributes, the game treats a full bar as 255 and an empty one as 0. To discover the integer the gauge increases, the system must first take the amount of damage inflicted, and multiply it by 300, then divide the new total by the player's max HP, and then to truncate the total to find a full number. This result is then multiplied by 256, then multiplied by 0.5 if the player is in Sadness, multiplied by 2 if the player is in Fury, or multiplied by one if the player is in neither. The end result is then divided by a number based on the individual character and their LIMIT LEVEL.

Each character has their own individual LEVEL number for each of their Limit levels. These numbers are as follows:

Cloud 140 324 435 506
Barret 129 240 374 450
Tifa 120 334 509 566
Aeris 200 284 322 436
Red XIII 195 300 389 486
Yuffie 200 300 400 480
Cait Sith 160 180 9590 12760
Vincent 202 244 319 426
Cid 200 280 380 480

It should be noted that Cait Sith doesn't have any Limit Breaks at LEVEL 3 or LEVEL 4, and therefore they cannot be selected for Cait Sith. Despite it not being possible to use them, integers still exist for Cait Sith's LEVEL 3 and LEVEL 4 limits. Tifa has the lowest integer on LEVEL 1 at 120, where at LEVEL 4, she has the highest of 566.

If we create a formula with her Max HP set to 1,000, and the Damage set to 500, with no status involved, we result in 38,400.

Dividing by 120 gives 320, which would result an the gauge being filled instantly. Dividing by 566, and then truncating it, would result in 67, almost five times as little. Also, it should be noted that Tifa's LEVEL 3 integer is the second highest over all, obviously behind her LEVEL 4 Limit. However, Vincent has the highest integer of all the other character's LEVEL 1 limits, who then becomes the third-lowest at LEVEL 2, and the lowest at LEVEL 3 and LEVEL 4.

Every character has to lose more than all their Max HP to fill the gauge on their third and fourth LEVELs, which means the player will have to gain HP between using their LIMIT gauge being reset and refilling it. This also applies for Cloud and Tifa on their second Limit, while Red XIII and Yuffie lie just beneath having to lose 99.6% of their health. At this level Cait Sith only has to lose 59.8. If the player has the Fury status, under no LEVEL would they have to lose more than their Max HP except for Cait Sith's unusable LIMIT LEVELs.

In three instances will the gauge reduce to empty. The first is the normal way of using a Limit Break after it has filled. When characters fall into the Death status, they lose their Limit Break, and it starts empty once they are revived. The final ways is when Limit Levels are switched, so player's can't set LIMIT LEVEL 1 to build up the LIMIT gauge quickly, and then use a LEVEL 4 Limit Break.

The only time the LIMIT gauge fills in another way is for the final scripted battle against Sephiroth where Cloud's LIMIT gauge starts full with his Limit Level is automatically set to 4 and the Omnislash skill present, regardless of whether they previously learned the skill.

Limit Break Manuals[]

Xem thêm: List of Final Fantasy VII Items#Limit Breaks.

Yuffie after learning All Creation

"I've heard a rumor about secret items that inspire ultimate techniques. I don't know whether those items really exist."

Limit Break manuals are menu items given to character's to learn Limit Breaks. Each character bar Cait Sith has one Limit Break manual which teaches them their LEVEL 4 Limit Break. These items give no indication in-game who's they are, nor what there use is for. There can be a strong indication whose they are for in the name or where they are obtained however. If the item is not for a certain character, then the invalid option sound will play and a message will appear as if spoken from the player you're trying to give it to.

Player's can only be taught their LEVEL 4 Limit Break when all their other Limit Breaks have been learned. This means if the second Limit Break of a Limit Level is not learned, the player will have to go back and learn it. If the character does not have all the other Limit Breaks, the invalid option sound will play here also, and a message will appear as if spoken by them.

Great Gospel (Aeris)[]

Great Gospel.png

The earliest manual the player can obtain is Aeris's, which requires the Buggy and the boat at Costa del Sol to traverse back to Junon to get to the man in the cave north past the shallows. Here the player can obtain the Mythril from the sleeping man if the number of battles the player has fought ends in 11, 33, 55, 77, or 99. The Mythril can then be taken to the man in the cabin between the Gold Saucer and Gongaga Village and opening the compartment on the upper floor of the house to get the Great Gospel item.

Cosmo Memory (Red XIII)[]

Cosmo Memory.png

The Cosmo Memory manual is obtained from defeating Lost Number in Shinra Mansion. Lost Number is the hardest enemy thus far, similar in power to the Midgar Zolom in power if the player is aptly leveled at both parts of the game.

Omnislash (Cloud)[]


The Omnislash manual can be obtained after getting the Tiny Bronco and going to the Battle Square. The player must obtain 51,200 BP in one sitting to buy the Omnislash materia. Due to the high amount of BP required (more than on the later Discs) and the inability to exploit the Mime command, as well as being at a lower levels with less equipment despite easier enemies, many players get Omnislash later on Disc 2 where it costs 32,000 BP.

All Creation (Yuffie)[]

All Creation.png
"Cool! This should do it!"

Yuffie's All Creation Limit Break can be obtained after defeating Godo, the final boss of the Pagoda sidequest.

Chaos (Vincent)[]


The player must enter ??? with Vincent in the party and witness the scene, then leave the cave and fight ten random battles and return to find the Chaos manual. To get to ???, the player can either use the Submarine, or get there faster through use of either the Green Chocobo or Blue Chocobo obtained through Chocobo breeding.

Catastrophe (Barret)[]


The Catastrophe manual can be obtained only after an accomplished North Corel Huge Materia sidequest, the player can talk to a woman in a hut in North Corel who gives it if the player. If the sidequest is failed, then it cannot be obtained. This is the only manual that can be missed.

Final Heaven (Tifa)[]

Final Heaven.png

Tifa's Final Heaven manual is discovered only when Cloud is the party leader and when Tifa is in the party on Disc 2, however this only works after Cloud returns to the party after leaving Mideel. The player must enter Tifa's House in Nibelheim, and play the piano. The player must insert the following buttons:

X-button.png, Square-button.png, Triangle-button.png, L1 and Triangle-button.png, L1 and Square-button.png, X-button.png, Square-button.png, Triangle-button.png, L1 and X-button.png, Circle-button.png, X-button.png, Square-button.png, X-button.png

After doing this, a letter from Zangan will be read by the player, containing the Final Heaven manual.

Highwind (Cid)[]


The final manual of the game, Cid's Highwind manual exists inside the optional dungeon Sunken Gelnika, only discoverable with the Submarine. The chest containing it is on the left of the hall after entering, passed the room where the optional bosses Turks:Reno and Turks:Rude are fought.

Limit Breaks[]

"OK! Now your limit gauge is full, go ahead and use it! Fight with your limit technique."

Each Limit Break does a different thing. Most of them inflict damage to one or all enemies based on the same stats as an ordinary attack, albeit multiplied. Others use different variables to calculate the damage, and a number of them also inflict statuses to either enemy or party.

Every character has seven Limit Break commands except Vincent and Cait Sith. Despite this, every character has seven Limit Break abilities except both Vincent and Cait Sith who have more. Vincent's four Limit Breaks each can use two abilities, giving him eight different abilities. Cait Sith's first Limit Break is one ability, and his second one has eight results. Due to the nature of two of them, he can summon one of sixteen summons, and use one of seven abilities in Toy Box technically giving him a total of 29 abilities. So while Cait Sith and Vincent both have the least amount of LIMIT commands, they have the most Limit Breaks. Also, since Tifa doesn't select a LIMIT to use, it could be said that she doesn't have any sub-commands, just the main LIMIT command.

Young Cloud and Sephiroth do not have any Limit Breaks. Through use of the GameShark, Sephiroth's and Young Cloud's Limit Break will display Vincent's and Cait Sith's respectively however it is not possible to use them. Every time the player enters a battle with one of these characters in their party, their LIMIT gauge will be empty. Neither of them can use a Limit Break.


Of the Final Fantasy VII party members, Cloud's Limit Breaks are the strongest of all. However, they are learned much slower, and Cloud typically needs to kill twice as many enemies as his comrades to learn his stronger techniques. His ultimate Limit Break, Omnislash, can be the most powerful move in the game providing that Ultima Weapon is equipped and Cloud has full HP. Against single enemies, this is even stronger than Knights of Round, which hits thirteen times, while Omnislash hits fifteen times.

Level Name Obtained / Effect Image
1 Braver Already known FFVII Limit Break Cloud Braver.jpg
Single physical attack with a downward slash dealing three times normal damage.
Cross-slash Use Braver 8 times FFVII Limit Break Cloud Crossslash.jpg
Single physical attack with three slices dealing 3.25 times normal damage and inflicting paralysis.
2 Blade Beam Kill 120 enemies on LEVEL 1 FFVII Limit Break Cloud Bladebeam.jpg
Strikes and unleashes a wave of energy at a single enemy dealing 3.5 times normal damage, and hits other enemies for approximately 1.0 times damage with shockwaves.
Climhazzard Use Blade Beam 7 times FFVII Limit Break Cloud Climhazzard.jpg
Strikes enemy, then jumps upwards running the sword along the enemy dealing 4.375 times normal damage.
3 Meteorain Kill 200 enemies on LEVEL 2 FFVII Limit Break Cloud Meteorain.jpg
Six meteors fall and hit random targets for 1.625 times normal damage each.
Finishing Touch Use Meteorain 6 times FFVII Limit Break Cloud Finishingtouch.jpg
Hits all enemies with a tornado causing death and dealing 3.125 times normal damage for any enemy immune to death.
4 Omnislash Use the Omnislash manual after obtaining Cloud's other six Limit Break commands FFVII Limit Break Cloud Omnislash.jpg
Hits random enemies 15 times under the effect of automatic critical hits for 0.75 times normal damage each hit.


Barret's Limit Breaks mostly consist of physical blows, and one, the Ungarmax, is part of a strategy to defeat Emerald Weapon. It is of particular note that Mindblow is one of a limited number of attacks available to the player that drains enemy MP. If the player is keen in their leveling, Barret can learn his level 2 technique Hammer Blow early, making it useful for dispatching enemies instantly.

Level Name Obtained / Effect Image
1 Big Shot Already known FFVII Limit Break Barret Bigshot.jpg
Fires a huge fireball at a single enemy for 3.25 times normal damage.
Mindblow Use Big Shot 9 times FFVII Limit Break Barret Mindblow.jpg
Fires a blue ball of energy at a single enemy, depleting MP from the target.
2 Grenade Bomb Kill 80 enemies on LEVEL 1 FFVII Limit Break Barret Grenadebomb.jpg
Launches a grenade at the enemy, dealing 3.375 times normal damage if there is only a single target, but can hit multiple targets for less.
Hammer Blow Use Grenade Bomb 8 times FFVII Limit Break Barrethammer Blow.jpg
Runs up and strikes a single enemy causing death. Does not work on enemies immune to instant death.
3 Satellite Beam Kill 80 enemies on LEVEL 2 FFVII Limit Break Barret Satellitebeam.jpg
Fires a beam weapon from the sky to hit all enemies for an automatic critical hit of 2.1875 times normal damage.
Ungarmax Use Satellite Beam 6 times FFVII Limit Break Barret Ungermax.jpg
Fires 18 shots at random enemies for half damage.
4 Catastrophe Use the Catastrophe manual after obtaining Barret's other six Limit Break commands FFVII Limit Break Barret Catastrphe.jpg
Hits ten times at random enemies for 1.25 times normal damage.


Tifa's Limit Breaks are unlike most Final Fantasy VII characters'. Instead of selecting a move from a list, Tifa's Limit Breaks consist of consecutively hitting the opponent with each move adding on to the previous. Each move deals physical damage to a random opponent. The Limits are selected through a selection process similar to the Slot skill from Final Fantasy VI. Each time the reel hits "Yeah!" damage is doubled, but each time it hits "Miss", the attack does not connect. Stopping the reel on "Hit" allows the attack to connect, but does not increase its power. The player stops the reel, and later skills have "Yeah!" harder to hit and surrounded by "Miss".

Level Name Obtained / Effect Image
1 Beat Rush Already known FFVII Limit Break Tifa Beatrush.jpg
Runs up and punches the enemy a few times, dealing 1.25 times normal damage to a single target.
Somersault Use Beat Rush 9 times FFVII Limit Break Tifa Somersault.jpg
Somersaults in the air while kicking the enemy, dealing 1.375 times normal damage to a single target.
2 Waterkick Kill 96 enemies on LEVEL 1 FFVII Limit Break Tifa Waterkick.jpg
A circling sweep kick accompanied by a blast of water, dealing 1.5 times normal damage.
Meteodrive Use Waterkick 7 times FFVII Limit Break Tifa Meteodrive.jpg
Picks up the enemy in a vertical suplex position and slams them to the ground, dealing 1.625 times normal damage.
3 Dolphin Blow Kill 96 enemies on LEVEL 2 FFVII Limit Break Tifa Dolphinblow.jpg
Uppercut accompanied by water and a dolphin, dealing 1.75 times normal damage to a single target.
Meteor Strike Use Dolphin Blow 6 times FFVII Limit Break Tifa Meteorstrike.jpg
Picks up the enemy, spins it around, jumps high into the air and flings it downwards, dealing 1.875 times normal damage to a single target.
4 Final Heaven Use the Final Heaven manual after obtaining Tifa's other six Limit Break commands FFVII Limit Break Tifa Finalheaven.jpg
Creates a giant energy blast with a punch, dealing 2.625 times normal damage to a single target.


As a White Mage-like character, most of Aeris's Limit Breaks revolve around healing the party, and a few buff the party up. Of particular note is Fury Brand, which instantly fills the other two party members' Limit Break bars; the strategies that could be formulated with this should be obvious. Aeris's ultimate Limit Break requires a bit of work to find and teach, but fully heals the party and makes them invincible.

Level Name Obtained / Effect Image
1 Healing Wind Already known FFVII Limit Break Aeris Healingwind.jpg
Cures entire party for half of maximum HP.
Seal Evil Use Healing Wind 8 times FFVII Limit Break Aeris Sealevil.jpg
Casts Paralyze and Silence on all targets.
2 Breath of the Earth Kill 80 enemies on LEVEL 1 FFVII Limit Break Aeris Breathoftheearth.jpg
Cures all negative Status effects.
Fury Brand Use Breath of the Earth 6 times FFVII Limit Break Aeris Furybrand.jpg
Fills the two ally Limit Break bars to maximum.
3 Planet Protector Kill 80 enemies on LEVEL 2 FFVII Limit Break Aeris Planetprotector.jpg
Gives all party members temporary invincibility.
Pulse of Life Use Planet Protector 5 times FFVII Limit Break Aeris Pulseoflife.jpg
Fully restores HP and MP and cures all negative status effects.
4 Great Gospel Use the Great Gospel manual after obtaining Aeris's other six Limit Break commands FFVII Limit Break Aeris Greatgospel.jpg
Completely restores the HP and MP of the party, and makes the party temporarily invincible to all physical and magical attacks.

Red XIII[]

Red XIII's lower-level Limit Breaks involve him increasing his stats, particularly through the use of Haste, which boosts his speed. His later Limit Breaks hit multiple enemies, and his ultimate Limit Break, Cosmo Memory, hits all enemies for almost eight times damage, allowing it to easily do 9,999 damage at a relatively low level.

Level Name Obtained / Effect Image
1 Sled Fang Already known FFVII Limit Break Red XIII Sledfang.jpg
Shoots out and pounces on an enemy, dealing three times normal damage.
Lunatic High Use Sled Fang 8 times FFVII Limit Break Red XIII Lunatichigh.jpg
Adds Haste status to the party and raises Red XIII's "Defense %" by 50% for every party member still alive.
2 Blood Fang Kill 72 enemies on LEVEL 1 FFVII Limit Break Red XIII Bloodfang.jpg
Dashes out at a single enemy dealing 1.25 times normal damage, and absorbs some HP and MP.
Stardust Ray Use Blood Fang 7 times FFVII Limit Break Red XIII Stardustray.jpg
Stars rain down upon the enemies, hitting ten times randomly for 5/8 normal damage each time.
3 Howling Moon Kill 72 enemies on LEVEL 2 FFVII Limit Break Red XIII Howlingmoon.jpg
Howls at the moon, which adds Haste and Berserk to Red XIII, and boosts his attack by 60%.
Earth Rave Use Howling Moon 6 times FFVII Limit Break Red XIII Earthrave.jpg
Attacks 1-2 enemies five times total, each attack dealing about double of his normal damage.
4 Cosmo Memory Use the Cosmo Memory manual after obtaining Red XIII's other six Limit Break commands FFVII Limit Break Red XIII Cosmomemory.jpg
Howls to Cosmo Canyon, summoning a massive beam of plasma that hits all enemies for 7.8125 times normal damage.


Yuffie's Limit Breaks have fair power, and most of them hit multiple enemies. She also learns her Limit Breaks slightly quicker than other party members. Of particular note, her Clear Tranquil ability one of the two healing Limit Breaks not learned by Aeris; the other one is Cait Sith's Moogle Dance. All of Yuffie's Limit Breaks, besides Clear Tranquil, rely on Yuffie's physical strength.

Level Name Obtained / Effect Image
1 Greased Lightning Already known FFVII Limit Break Yuffie Greasedlightning.jpg
Dashes at an enemy and strikes hard with her weapon, inflicting 3.125 times normal damage.
Clear Tranquil Use Greased Lightning 8 times FFVII Limit Break Yuffie Cleartranquil.jpg
All party members have their HP restored by half of their maximum HP.
2 Landscaper Kill 64 enemies on LEVEL 1 FFVII Limit Break Yuffie Landscaper.jpg
Damages all enemies with an earthquake, doing 3.0 times normal damage. Misses flying targets.
Bloodfest Use Landscaper 7 times FFVII Limit Break Yuffie Bloodfest.jpg
Attacks random enemies ten times, doing 0.625 times normal damage each time.
3 Gauntlet Kill 64 enemies on LEVEL 2 FFVII Limit Break Yuffie Gauntlet.jpg
Launches a large bomb that hits all enemies, inflicting 1.75 times normal damage.
Doom of the Living Use Gauntlet 6 times FFVII Limit Break Yuffie Doomoftheliving.jpg
Attacks random enemies 15 times, doing 0.625 times normal damage.
4 All Creation Use the All Creation manual after obtaining Yuffie's other six Limit Break commands FFVII Limit Break Yuffie Allcreation.jpg
Hits all enemies with a powerful beam of energy, doing 8.0 times normal damage.

Cait Sith[]

Unlike most characters, Cait Sith only has two Limit Breaks, Dice and Slot. Both are similar to moves used by Setzer Gabbiani in Final Fantasy VI. The damage they inflict is random on both counts, so Cait Sith's Limit Breaks could be overly-strong or incredibly weak, depending on the results.

Level Name Obtained / Effect Image
1 Dice Already known Dice ffvii limit break.jpg
Throws a number of dice down (every ten levels another die is added). The sum of the dice "X" is taken along with the sum of the highest repeat of a number "Y". X times Y times 100 equals the damage dealt by Dice.
2 Slots Kill 40 enemies on LEVEL 1 Slots ffvii limit break.png
By using a slot machine, the outcome of the reels determines what various effects will occur.

Name Combination Effect Image
Toy Soldier Crown/Crown/Crown Toy soldiers appear and fire at all of Cait's enemies dealing five times normal damage. Toysoldier ffvii limit break.png
Mog Dance Star/Star/Star A moogle appears and dances restoring all allies' HP and MP. Mogdance ffvii limit break.png
Lucky Girl Heart/Heart/Heart A cat-girl appears. Makes all characters' attacks automatic critical hits for a while Lucky girl ffvii limit break.png
Transform Moogle/Moogle/Moogle Cait's allies disappear and his moogle grows larger, gaining 9999 HP and 999 MP. In this form, he can do anything Cait can do, except using Limit Breaks. His attacks also do more damage. When the battle is over, the amount of HP and MP left are split among all three characters (and in the process, anyone who was dead before Transform was used is revived). This means that using this move may drop the party's current HP level if their HP amount is over 3000 points. Transform ffvii limit break.png
Game Over Face/Face/Face Causes instant death to all enemies. Game Over is not blocked by death immunity and therefore is effective against any enemy. Game over ffvii limit break.png
Death Joker Face/Face/Bar All allies are instantly killed. This cannot be prevented by normal means of death immunity with Safety Bit or Death Force. Death joker ffvii limit break.png
Summon Bar/Bar/Bar A summon is summoned.

The ID is then given to the order of the summons. The lower Cait Sith's level, the more likely the player is to use the lower summons and vice-versa. Knights of Round has a very small chance only at higher levels.

The attack name is the Materia name, not the summon's name with exceptions to Gunge Lance and Fat Chocobo
Three bars ffvii limit break.png
Toy Box Else A random object is dropped on one enemy which yields one of the following seven:
Boulder Hits a single enemy for 2 times normal damage Toybox boulder.png
Icicles Hits a single enemy for 2.5 times normal damage Toybox icicles.png
Weight Hits all enemies for 3 times normal damage Toybox weight.png
Hammer Hits a single enemy for 3.5 times normal damage Toybox hammer.png
Fat Chocobo Hits a single enemy for 4 times normal damage Toybox fat chocobo.png
Hell House Hits a single enemy for 4.5 times normal damage Toybox hell house.png
Comets Hits a single enemy for 5 times normal damage Toybox comets.png


Vincent's Limit Breaks are quite different from the others. There is only one Limit Break for each of the four levels. When he initiates one, he turns into a monster, who is constantly berserk, and stays that way until the battle is over, win or lose. When he shifts his form, Vincent's stats increase and his HP refills, but he cannot shift back at will. Thus, while his Limit Breaks can be very powerful, they are risky. If Vincent should be knocked out though, he will transform back to his normal form. Vincent is also notable in that he learns his new Limit Breaks the fastest of all party members, most others of which need to kill upwards of 70 enemies to learn their new techniques.

In the following table, the first attack listed in the description does damage based on Vincent's physical attack, while the second does damage based on Vincent's magic attack.

Level Name Obtained / Effect Image
1 Galian Beast Already known Tập tin:FFVII-GalianBeast.png
Vincent transforms into a wild purple beast. Defense increases by 20%, Dexterity by 50%, and HP by 130%.
Berserk Dance Physical attack for 1.5 times normal damage to a single target
Beast Flare Magical attack for 3.75 times normal fire-elemental damage to all targets
2 Death Gigas Kill 40 enemies on LEVEL 1 Tập tin:FFVII-DeathGigas.png
Vincent transforms into a hulking monster. Defense increases by 50%, MDefense decreases by 70%, Dexterity decreases by 20%, and HP increases by 200%
Gigadunk Physical attack for 2.625 times normal damage to a single target
Live Wire Magical attack for 4.375 normal lightning-elemental damage to all enemies
3 Hell Masker Kill 56 enemies on LEVEL 2 Tập tin:FFVII-HellMasker.png
Vincent transforms into a thug wearing a hockey mask and wields a chainsaw. Defense and MDefense increase by 50%.
Splattercombo Physical attack for 0.5 normal damage to five random targets
Nightmare Inflicts Sleep, Poison, Silence, Confusion, Frog and Mini to a single opponent.
4 Chaos Use the Chaos manual after obtaining Vincent's other three Limit Break commands Tập tin:FFVII-Chaos.png
Vincent transforms into a winged demon. Defense and MDefense increase by 100%.
Chaos Saber Physical attack for 2.5 times normal damage to all enemies
Satan Slam Kills all enemies instantly, or, if enemies are immune to death, does 5.625 times normal damage to all enemies.


Cid's Limit Breaks often hit multiple enemies or hit multiple times, letting him do massive damage. His strongest Limit Break, Highwind, could potentially do 9999 x 18 damage, a feat only Barret's Ungarmax can match - even Cloud's infamous Omnislash cannot do this much damage. Cid also learns his Limit Breaks fairly quickly. All of Cid's Limit Breaks use his physical strength to determine their power.

Level Name Obtained / Effect Image
1 Boost Jump Already known FFVII Limit Break Cid Boostjump.jpg
Jumps into the air and strikes down with a spear into an enemy, doing 3.25 times normal damage.
Dynamite Use Boost Jump 7 times FFVII Limit Break Cid Dynamite.jpg
Lights a stick of dynamite with a cigarette, then hurls it at the enemy party, doing 2.25 times normal damage to all enemies.
2 Hyper Jump Kill 60 enemies on LEVEL 1 FFVII Limit Break Cid Hyperjump.jpg
Jumps up and strikes down with a spear, causing an explosion that does 3.5 times normal damage to all enemies, and has a 20% chance to inflict Instant Death.
Dragon Use Hyper Jump 6 times FFVII Limit Break Cid Dragon.jpg
Summons a dragon that attacks an enemy, doing 1.25 normal damage and healing Cid's HP and MP by an amount equal to the damage dealt. The amount of HP and MP healed is capped at the enemy's current MP.
3 Dragon Dive Kill 76 enemies on LEVEL 2 FFVII Limit Break Cid Dragondive.jpg
Strikes six random enemies with diving attacks, doing 1.4375 normal damage, and has a 28% chance to inflict Instant Death
Big Brawl Use Dragon Dive 5 times FFVII Limit Break Cid Bigbrawl.jpg
Slashes eight random enemies, doing 1.125 normal damage.
4 Highwind Use the Highwind manual after obtaining Cid's other six Limit Break commands FFVII Limit Break Cid Highwind.jpg
Summons the Highwind to drop missiles on eighteen random enemies, doing 0.6875 normal damage.

Other appearances[]

A number of the Limit Breaks have been emulated into other games in the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII and also beyond into appearances where characters from the universe appear. This can be largely attributed to the number of times Cloud has appeared outside the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII.

Compilation of Final Fantasy VII[]

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children[]

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children is the source for many of the characters to perform techniques based off their Limit Breaks from the original Final Fantasy VII. Cloud uses some of his Limit Breaks, such as Blade Beam against Loz in the Forgotten Capital, Braver and Climhazzard against Bahamut SIN, and Finishing Touch against Kadaj. In Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete, Cloud also uses the original Omnislash in the battle with Sephiroth, but the attack is stopped before Cloud can deal the final blow as Sephiroth impales him with the Masamune.

A stronger variation of Omnislash, known as Omnislash Version 5, is used to defeat Sephiroth in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. The attack utilizes the Fusion Swords. The Limit Break involves Cloud separating his sword into its individual components, and attacking the opponent once with each sword. The attack was called "Omnislash Version 5" as it was the fifth version of the attack designed for the film. In Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete, an extended version of this attack used fourteen slashes instead of the six. Due to the reasoning for the "Version 5" of the attack in the original version of the film, this attack is known to fans as "Omnislash Version 6".

In Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, Barret fires a green energy blast at Bahamut SIN, similar to Big Shot and Mindblow. Since neither of the attacks are green, but the colors of the attacks, orange and blue, make green, it is believed to be a merge of the attack. Tifa uses attacks similar in appearance to Beat Rush, Somersault and Meteor Strike when fighting Loz in the Sector 5 Church. Vincent also transforms into an amorphous, crimson mist. Vincent appears to gain an added resistance to swords and bullets while in this form, and is also seen to levitate. Though there is no indication that this is a Limit Break, the fact it is an inhuman transformation has lead many fans to believe so.

Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-'[]

In Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-, Vincent's ability to transform into different creatures is further explained. Vincent is seen in both his Galian Beast form, and his Chaos form, albeit their designs slightly altered from their original designs to incorporate Vincent's appearance into his transformations.

Vincent transforms into Galian Beast when the Limit Breaker item is used. Chaos is also playable during the final level of the game. This form allows him to hover briefly, perform a series of attacks, perform a large jump equal to a double jump, and wield a more threatening variation of the Death Penalty gun.

Many of Cloud's Limit Break reappear where he stars as a character in the game. Also other entries in the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII have characters using abilities very similar to Limit Breaks from Final Fantasy VII.

Final Fantasy Tactics[]

The job class, Soldier in Final Fantasy Tactics, to which he is the only user, can use Limit abilities only when equipped with the List of Final Fantasy Tactics Weapons#Materia Blade. While many of the names are same as in Final Fantasy VII, the attacks effects differ. Braver, later changed to Brave Slash in the The War of the Lions release, is a quick strike. Cross-slash, renamed Cross Slash in the The War of the Lions release, is his second quickest attacks where he slices twice in a cross pattern, similar to the original attack, towards the enemy. Blade Beam is an attack that inflicts damage commensurate with the damage the user has endured, while Climhazzard functions the same but commensurate with the damage the unit being attacked has already endured and with a far higher JP cost, both only sharing their names with the original attacks, not the attack itself. Meteorain summons only a single meteor from the sky. Finish Touch, renamed Finishing Touch for the The War of the Lions release only inflicts a variety of statuses, vastly different from the instant death attack from Final Fantasy VII. Omnislash is just a strong attack, while Cherry Blossom, his ultimate attack, is based off Kjata's Tetra-Disaster and not one of his Limit Breaks from Final Fantasy VII.

Dissidia Final Fantasy[]

Cross Slash in Dissidia Final Fantasy

In Dissidia Final Fantasy, Cloud's attacks originate from Final Fantasy VII, a vast number being his seven Limit Breaks. Two of his Brave attacks, Climhazzard and Blade Beam, are used but slightly redesigned. Climhazzard strikes the opponent and pulls them up before slamming them down, while the sheer size of some enemies in Final Fantasy VII means slicing up through them would have looked more plausible. Blade Beam works exactly the same, although due to battles being one-on-ones, there is no repercussion shockwaves for other enemies in the battle.

All three of his HP attacks are Limit Breaks. Cross-Slash will make three strikes with the symbol identical to the one in the original Final Fantasy VII. Meteorain works slightly differently in that Cloud sends the meteors up in the air before slinging them down, unlike the original attack in Final Fantasy VII which just calls them down. Braver stabs them before unleashing the jump-attack also seen in the original attack.

Cloud's two Brave to HP attacks are also Limit Breaks. Finishing Touch has little in common with the original attack. Cloud jumps in the air and spins around the opponent and unleashes multiple attacks before knocking them down. The other attack is Omnislash Version 5, a weaker variation of Omnislash, which is five attacks and a leap for a final strike.

Omnislash itself isn't omitted from the game, and serves as Cloud's Ex-Burst. The player must tap Circle-button.png to fill up a gauge (a Limit Gauge). If it fills he will unleash fourteen strikes before a stronger fifteenth strike. Failing to fill the gauge will cause Cloud to perform only up to three swings and an upward finishing slash.

Ehrgeiz: God Bless the Ring[]

Cloud can use a throw called Omnislash by moving the D-pad in a circle. He uses Meteorain when he uses the special button. A number of sword techniques can be used when wielding his sword, which are Braver, Crosslash, and three attacks, Clim Hazard, Clim Slash, and Clim Mirage which originate from his Climhazzard Limit Break. Sephiroth also uses Meteorain, but his attack is called Black Materia, as does Zack, his called Meteo Shower.

Tifa can use combo attacks called Dolphin Blow, Dolphin Blow Real, and Water Kick (derived from Waterkick), throws called Meteor Drive (derived from Meteodrive), Beat Rush, Somersault, and Meteor Strike. Pressing special uses Final Heaven, hold special and down for Final Hell, and just holding special uses Hell And Heaven.

Vincent can use combos used Hell Masker, Splatter Combo, Chaos Saber, two just frame move, Satan Impact, and Neo Satan Impact, deriving from his Satan Slam impact, and a throw called Giga Dunk, derived from Gigadunk. While his specials don't incorporate his Limit Break attacks, images of his forms can appear when used.

None of Yuffie's moveset match any of her Limit Breaks from Final Fantasy VII in name, however, the move "The Alive Will Perish" derives from the Doom of the Living.

Kingdom Hearts[]

A number of characters from the Final Fantasy appear in the Kingdom Hearts series, a large number of which appear from Final Fantasy VII. Cloud can use the three-hit chain Cross-slash, in addition to a version where he teleports behind the opponent before the attack called Chain-slash+. In the original Kingdom Hearts, he also has the Omnislash ability which involves him extending his wing and flying around the arena while slashing the opponent. In w:c:kingdomhearts:Kingdom Hearts II, instead of the Omnislash ability, Cloud uses Omnislash ver5. In this ability Cloud circles the field while slashing the opponent and for the finale, lands on the floor and causes an explosion.

Tifa uses an attack called Final Heaven, which is a combo attack, like her Limit Break is a combo of attacks. Yuffie can use a number of her Limit Breaks as attacks in Kingdom Hearts II. These are Greased Lightning where she throws her shuriken at the enemy, unlike Final Fantasy VII where she strikes the enemy, Clear Tranquil, where she heals herself, and Doom of the Living where she throws a massive magic shuriken at the enemy, instead of striking the enemy a number of times.


A number of the Limit Breaks have been emulated into other games in the Final Fantasy series as well as other games related to Square Enix. A smaller amount have grown to be traits for similar characters in the Final Fantasy series.

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-[]

Zack preparing the Meteor Shots attack

In Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-, the lone player character, Zack, uses a Limit Break system that relies on other characters being rolled on an automated Slots system. Three Cloud icons allows Zack to use Meteor Shower, the animation of which is vastly similar to Cloud's Meteorain Limit Break. Three Aerith icons uses Healing Wave, which name is similar to her first limit, Healing Wind, and has the same effect as Great Gospel, her final limit. The ability also restores AP and breaks limits which are mechanics not in Final Fantasy VII.

While Cissnei doesn't appear in Final Fantasy VII, her attack, Lucky Stars, gives the Critical status to Zack, much-like Cait Sith's Lucky Girl gives the status to the party.

Final Fantasy VIII[]

Zell's Dolphin Blow attack

Zell's Duel Limit Break functions like Tifa's Limit Breaks in terms of the combo attacks. Instead of her Slots system, Zell uses a character input system. His basic attack, Punch Rush, is similar to Tifa's basic attack, Beat Rush, the attacks Dolphin Blow and Meteor Strike are given the same name as Tifa's Limit Breaks, and his ultimate Limit Break My Final Heaven is given the same name as Tifa's, Final Heaven.

Final Fantasy IX[]

Climhazzard is a Sword Arts ability available to Steiner and Beatrix, an ability originating from Cloud's Limit Break of the same name. Unlike the original, Climhazzard attacks all enemies for twice normal damage.

Ehrgeiz: God Bless the Ring[]

Django, a character who is represented as a member of the same species as Red XIII, makes a number of references in his moveset to Final Fantasy VII. Sled Fang and Blood Fang are combos used by Django. Jo, who fights in a wolf-like style, uses Lunatic High when her special gauge is empty. Zack has the same moveset as Cloud with his moves renamed. Meteorain becomes Meteo Shower, Braver becomes High Braver, and Crosslash becomes True Crosslash.

Kingdom Hearts[]

A number of characters from the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII appear in the Kingdom Hearts series as support characters or enemies who do not appear as player characters in Final Fantasy VII and therefore do not have Limit Breaks. However, due to related playable characters in Final Fantasy VII, they are given their Limit Breaks, or variations, as their attacks.

In the original Kingdom Hearts, Sephiroth uses many of abilities named after abilities used by Safer Sephiroth, but he also has one ability called Omnislash, named after Cloud's Limit Break, which does a number of ground and aerial attacks before doing a final leaping blow for more damage.

Zack appears in Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep, controlled by darkness, where he uses multiple attacks similar to a number of Cloud's Limit Breaks. He uses an attack called Dark Braver similar to Cloud's Braver. He also has a three-chain attack similar to Cross-slash, and a meteor attack similar to Meteorain.