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Shumi Village (シュミ族の村, Shumi-zoku no mura) is an optional location in Final Fantasy VIII. As the name suggests, the village's primary inhabitants are Shumi. The village is located 323 meters underground on the Winter Island in the cold northern reaches of the World Map, but is characterized by a warm, comfortable climate. The village can be explored after the player gains access to the mobile Balamb Garden.

StorySửa đổi

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The village is headed by an Elder, who appears slightly taller and thinner than regular Shumi. It is discovered through the Final Fantasy VIII database (accessible through the menu) that at a certain point in their lives, Shumi evolve into one of two different forms. Those that do not have the requirements to evolve into an Elder, instead turn into Moombas - a cat-like creature.

The village has little contact with the outside world. However, the Shumi Tribe are not hostile towards other races, although visitors are rare - welcoming Laguna Loire in his travels and later Squall Leonhart and his party in their own. To further support the fact, the Artisan Shumi is friends with the Grease Monkey from Fisherman's Horizon whom he made a Moomba doll as an act of friendship, and the Master Fisherman is, in fact, an Honorary Shumi and visits the village from time to time.

There are only four explorable buildings in Shumi Village: the Artisan's house, the Elder's house, a hotel, and a workshop. The hotel is home to a particularly small Shumi hiding behind the counter, and completing a quest from a Shumi in the workshop can lead to one of the few opportunities to gain a Phoenix Pinion.

The small area before the party take the lift down to the village itself has an Ultima draw point which can be accessed for a fee of 5,000 gil.

Balamb Garden's proprietor, Master NORG, is himself a Shumi who originated from the village, but was cast out for his eccentric behavior and his willingness to show off his large hands.

LayoutSửa đổi

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Village Outer Dome

The Village Outer Dome is an "above ground" area of the village from which people must access the Village Elevator to arrive in the village proper which is deeper underground. The Outer Dome is a huge dome-like structure built to withstand the harsh cold of the Trabia continent. An Ultima draw point can be used here for 5,000 gil.

  • Draw Points: Ultima

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Village Elevator

The Village Elevator provides the main means of accessing the village proper which lies below ground. Due to the considerable time it takes for the elevator to arrive at the destination seats are provided as well as a viewing window which reveals the view of the outside, also a holographic representation of a Shumi will address the patrons during the trip.

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Shumi Village

323 meters underground the village proper is in stark contrast to the land of Trabia itself. Lit by glowing rocks from atop the cavern the village is bathed with green vegetation and wondrous minerals of all shapes and sizes. Both Shumi and Moombas reside here.

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Elder's Hut

The home and visiting quarters for the leader of the Shumi village all visitors are directed to visit him here if a meeting is scheduled.

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Artisan's Hut

The artisan is a Shumi renowned for his gift in crafts. Indeed the walls of his hut is filled with models of many vehicles seen around the world.

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Village Workshop

The main workshop of the Shumi Village an artist is currently working on a sculpture of Laguna Loire.

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Shumi Hotel

The first shelter from the elevator the Shumi Hotel is a quaint, cozy place with a special Music Player capable of playing numerous soundtracks heard in other locations of the world. The Hotel plays the melody of Eyes on Me upon first entering, perhaps a subtle indicator of Laguna having once stayed there.

LocationSửa đổi

The Shumi Village is situated within the mountainous region of Trabia continent's Winter Isle.

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People Associated With Shumi VillageSửa đổi

  • Artisan, a Shumi with dreams of the outside world.
  • Sculptor, the local village sculptor.
  • Village Elder, the village elder.
  • Attendant, attendant to the village elder.
  • Laguna Loire, a stranger from abroad who treated the Shumi kindly.

Side QuestsSửa đổi

Finding the StonesSửa đổi

When the party firsts visits the village they can examine the statue at the workshop and talk to the Sculptor. After that the player can leave and talk to the Elder. There is a Moomba outside. After talking to the Elder, the party can return to the Sculptor and agree to help him finish the statue by bringing him five stones around the village.

  • The Blue Stone: The large blue rock behind the statue.
  • The Wind Stone: The pile of rocks next to the hotel.
  • The Life Stone: Climb the tree roots to the right of the Elder's house.
  • The Shadow Stone: The shadow behind a pillar in the screen with the Ultima draw point.
  • The Water Stone: The Artisan's sink. The party can find a stone from the pond, but it is not the correct one.

After getting all five stones the Elder will give the party the Phoenix Pinion.

Convincing the AttendantSửa đổi

After getting the Phoenix Pinion the party can find out by talking to the villagers that the Elder's Attendant doesn't want to help with the statue, and isn't keen on becoming the next village Elder, which greatly saddens the current Elder. After talking to the Shumis the party can return to FH and talk to the Grease Monkey to get a Moomba doll to give to the Artisan. The party can speak to the Elder to get the Status Guard.

Secret Laguna FlashbackSửa đổi

The last event in Shumi Village yields no item rewards, but the player can witness an extra Laguna flashback of the time Laguna spent in the village. The party must return to Shumi Village in disk 3 after Laguna's statue has been completed and enter the workshop and the scene will play automatically. If the player completed the Master Fisherman side quest earlier, he will also make an appearance.

Musical ThemesSửa đổi

"Find Your Way" plays in the Outer Dome, a rendition of "Eyes on Me" plays inside the Shumi Hotel and "Breezy" plays inside the workshop housing the statue of Laguna. No soundtrack is played in the actual village, unless the player fully completes both sidequests involving the statue and all sequences involving the Master Fisherman. At that point, he will set the soundtrack to the tune the player chose for the Garden Festival at Fisherman's Horizon. The theme for the workshop will be set to "Fragments of Memories."

TriviaSửa đổi

  • In the Shumi Village, Squall refers to the Elder showing the party the palms of his hands as "They're kind gesture". This should of course be "Their kind gesture".
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