Kalm in Final Fantasy VII.


Kalm on the World Map.

Kalm is a village in Final Fantasy VII located just outside of Midgar. Unlike the massive bustling metropolis nearby, Kalm is relatively calm. It is a tiny hamlet with only a few shops, a pub, and an inn. The economy is based mostly upon mining in the Mythril Mines, but due to recent activities of Midgar Zolom outside of the mine's entrance, work has stopped.

AppearancesSửa đổi

Final Fantasy VIISửa đổi

Kalm FMV

Kalm in the ending FMV.

The sleepy village is the first town that Cloud, Barret, Tifa, Aeris, and Red XIII come across after leaving Midgar, but it is a very short visit. When the party stays at the inn, Cloud decides to tell the tale of the incident with Sephiroth destroying Cloud and Tifa's home town of Nibelheim several years ago. Once the story ends, the party leaves.

Later on in the game, Marlene is sent to Kalm to escape the forces of the Shinra Electric Power Company. Despite the town's proximity to Midgar, it is not destroyed when Meteor falls. Marlene views the destruction and saving of the world by the Lifestream and Holy from Kalm.

Kalm is also the home of the Kalm Traveler who desires the Guide Book, Desert Rose, and Earth Harp.

Hidden ItemsSửa đổi

  • In the inn, go upstairs and check the cabinet to the left of the stairs five times for a Megalixir.
  • In the house to the right of the inn, check behind the door under the stairs for an Ether.
  • In the house in the middle, check upstairs in the cabinet for another Ether.
  • In the last house, go up the spiral stairs for the Peacemaker - a weapon for Vincent, head back down and head up the other set of stairs, check the cabinet to the left of the girl for a Guard Plus.
  • Enter the single house on the right and check the door below the stairs to find another Ether.

ShopsSửa đổi

Item ShopSửa đổi
Name Cost
Potion50 gil
Phoenix Down300 gil
Antidote80 gil
Eye Drop50 gil
Hyper100 gil
Tranquilizer100 gil
Tent500 gil
Weapon ShopSửa đổi
Name Cost
Mythril Saber1000 gil
Cannon Ball950 gil
Mythril Claw750 gil
Full Metal Staff800 gil
Mytrhil Armlet350 gil
Materia ShopSửa đổi
Name Cost
Earth1,500 gil
Poison1,500 gil
Steal1,200 gil
Sense1,000 gil
Heal1,500 gil

Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII- Sửa đổi


Kalm in Dirge of Cerberus.

Kalm's size and population seems to have swelled considerably since the fall of Midgar. Now larger than ever, it becomes a target of the organization Deepground during a festival one night. The soldiers massacre and kidnap dozens of civilians, but are eventually stopped by Vincent Valentine in the very first mission of Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-. The battle is the first time that Deepground reveals itself to the Planet, and is the start of a brief conflict between Deepground and the WRO. The city's outcome afterward is unknown.

Enemy FormationsSửa đổi

Kalm AreaSửa đổi

GrasslandSửa đổi

BeachSửa đổi

Musical ThemesSửa đổi

"Ahead On Our Way" from Final Fantasy VII''
Music-harp Tập tin:FFVII - Ahead on our Way.ogg
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Like in many towns, "Ahead On Our Way" (旅の途中で Tabi no Tochū De) plays in Kalm.

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