The Islands Closest to Heaven and Hell are two islands on opposite sides of the world in the world of Final Fantasy VIII. They are known for having some of the strongest regular (non-boss) monsters in the game roaming around their landscapes, as every enemy encountered on either island is at Lv. 100. They are both only accessible with Ragnarok on discs 3 and 4. They also have many different hidden Draw Points around the edges of the islands.

Although they play no part in the game's storyline, they are useful if one is looking for a lot of EXP and/or magic. As all the monsters on the two islands are susceptible to Degenerator, this is an extremely easy way to quickly level up low level characters by simply not healing Quistis and junctioning the ability Initiative.

Island Closest to HeavenSửa đổi

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The Island Closest to Heaven is on the far northeastern side of the world near the heavily wooded area on the north side of the Esthar Continent. It is a small island in a short archipelago of islands, making it difficult to find without guidance. Monsters found on this island focus on using negative status-inducing spells. The monsters found on this island are:

There are 25 Draw Points located on the Island Closest to Heaven, and they consist of:

Island Closest to HellSửa đổi

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The Island closest to Hell is the western-most island on the southwestern side of the Galbadia Continent. It is much larger than the Island Closest to Heaven, and is easier to locate on a map. It is shaped somewhat like a misshapen "X" or an elongated "H" (although, this is more noticeable when one is walking on it than on a map). The island's monsters are known to possess high Strength and Vitality stats. However, they are susceptible to status changes, unlike monsters on the Island Closest to Heaven. The monsters on this island are:

There are 31 Draw Points located on the Island Closest to Hell, and they consist of:

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