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Hypello drawing

The Hypello (ハイペロ, Haipero) là một chủng tộc lưỡng cư trong Final Fantasy XFinal Fantasy X-2. They are quite slow on land, but in the water, they move as quick as other fish. Not one seems to have grasped the common language's pronunciation in Spira, as they say words such as Shay (say), Ebullibody (everybody), and Yesh (yes) as well as ending most of their sentences with a questioning tone when unnecessary. According to Maechen, they have the potential to be good Blitzball players, because of their natural swimming proficiency, but because of their lackadaisical disposition they tend to not take part in competitive sports and pastimes. In Final Fantasy X-2, Tobli uses Hypello as his assistants. A Hypello nicknamed Barkeep by the Gullwings works behind the bar in the cabin of the Celsius and, much in the style of a true bartender, dispenses pieces of advice to several characters. They have an accessory named after them, known as the "Hypello Ribbon". While it provides the same all-ailment blocking abilities of a regular ribbon, it also makes the character wearing it slow, referencing the Hypello's movement on land.

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