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Guado are an arboreal humanoid race inhabiting Spira, the world of Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2. They are the protectors of Spira's afterlife, the Farplane and of the Macalania Woods. They were converted to the Yevon religion under their leader, Jyscal Guado (later appointed a Maester of Yevon), but were soon led down a path of ruin by Jyscal's own son, Seymour, who learned and exploited the true nature of Yevon to deadly ends.

After Sin was destroyed, the Guado fled from their home city of Guadosalam to the dying Macalania Woods after learning that many of the other races of Spira (especially the Ronso) despise them for what they did under Seymour's leadership. The Guado take their responsibility with intent to die out in the dying forest. But (if the player makes the right choice), the Guado are soothed by the spirit-lifting music of the Macalania musicians, and gain the confidence to return to their home under the leadership of Tromell Guado, the former personal aide to Jyscal and Seymour, and gain a new reason to live. After the suggestion from the Gullwings, Tromell becomes the official leader of the Guado and succeeds in restoring friendly relations with the rest of Spira, especially with the reformed Ronso. If Yuna's party does not make the right choices, then Yuna will be told that they were all killed by the Ronso, but did not do anything to save themselves.

The Guado participate in the Spiran Blitzball league as the Guado Glories.

CultureSửa đổi

PhysiologySửa đổi

The Guado are elvish in appearance with long limbs, over-sized hands, prominent veins on the face, and hair resembling plants. They are keen to the scent of the Farplane, and as such can tell unsent from regular people by their scent, shown when Seymour Guado recognized that Auron was an unsent. Their hair is usually blue or green, though other colors, like orange, are common.

DemeanorSửa đổi

Guado have a serious personality and are loyal to Yevon. Of the races in Spira, the Guado are the fastest, able to run twice as fast as humans, as seen during Tidus and co.'s escape from Macalania Temple. Their high speed makes the Guado Glories an effective Blitzball team.

GallerySửa đổi

BattleSửa đổi

Bài viết chính: Guado Guardian

Guado Guardians can be fought several times throughout the game.

TriviaSửa đổi

  • The name "Guado" may be inspired from the Guédé from the Voodoo tradition. These spirits represent death and are said to be intermediaries between life in death, just like the Guados who guard the Farplane.
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