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Gillian Hewley.

Gillian Hewley là một nhân vật trong Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-. Bà là mẹ của Angeal Hewley và là vật chủ thí nghiệm của Project G. Masako Ikeda lồng tiếng Nhật và Takayo Fischer lồng tiếng Anh cho Gillian Hewley.

StorySửa đổi

Before the events of Crisis Core, Gillian, while working with Shinra's science department, met with Dr. Hollander and became a part of his experiment. While he was still in Shinra, Hollander was trying to surpass Giáo sư Hojo by being the first to create a human with the powers of the Cetra. This experiment was named "Project Gillian". As a subject of this experiment, Gillian Hewley was infused with Jenova cells. When she became pregnant, the result was Angeal Hewley.

Another child, not born from Gillian, was also used in the experiment: It was the project that created Genesis Rhapsodos. In this case, Genesis was injected with Gillian's cells while a fetus; however, the experiment was imperfect. Genesis was the son of the Banora's landlord.

DeathSửa đổi

Zack Fair would later be sent to investigate the hometown of both Genesis and Angeal, and would meet Gillian Hewley. Zack asks Gillian about Angeal's Buster Sword, which Angeal never uses. It is revealed the sword is a symbol of the family's honor, shedding new light on Angeal's earlier assertion to Zack that he does not want it to become rusty. When Zack returns to Gillian's house a second time, he finds Angeal standing over her lifeless body, having apparently killed her; this incident drastically changes the relationship between the two SOLDIERs. Gillian's body was most likely destroyed in the bombardment of Banora Village. Later, Zack discovers through Dr. Hollander and Angeal that Gillian in fact committed suicide because the shame of participating in the experiments became too great.

Gillian Hewley
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