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Dyne (裏技 Urawaza) is Zidane's Trance skill in Final Fantasy IX. Each Dyne corresponds to one of his Skills, and will be available for use during Trance only when Zidane can use the corresponding Skill. All Dynes are physical attacks that target either one or all targets.

List of DynesSửa đổi

Name Skill Needed MP Effect Image
Free Energy Flee 10 Five explosive physical attacks are inflicted on the target, though without Zidane actually moving. With each explosion is a different symbol. Damage is 150% of Zidane's regular physical. 150px
Tidal Flame Detect 12 All enemies are struck by a wave of fire, inflicting heavy damage, which is 150% of Zidane's regular attack. 150px
Scoop Art What's That?! 14 Purple beams of energy strike one target. The attack has 200% of a regular attack. 150px
Shift Break Soul Blade 16 A swirling vortex forms beneath all enemies, causing heavy damage to all at a level of 200% of a regular physical attack. 150px
Stellar Circle 5 Annoy 24 A tornado of energy forms, damaging one enemy. This attack has the power of 250% of Zidane's normal physical attack. 150px
Meo Twister Sacrifice 32 All enemies are struck from above by multiple blasts of energy, each by certain symbols which are at a power level of 250% 150px
Solution 9 Lucky Seven 48 A mass of red runic symbols fly past one enemy, causing a massive explosion of energy in their wake. causing a damage level of 300% of a regular strike from Zidane. 150px
Grand Lethal Thievery 60 Several beams of energy lance out from Zidane's body, striking all enemies. With each hit a symbol appears in the explosion of the impact, giving a 400% strength level. 150px

Other AppearancesSửa đổi

In Dissidia Final Fantasy, all of Zidane's HP and Brave attacks are based on his Dyne techniques, though some function and appear differently than they did in Final Fantasy IX - Grand Lethal, for example, has Zidane charging inside a series of energy beams, rather than releasing them from his body and Shift Break has an addition of lightning columns, mostly in order to contain the opponent so the final blast of water hits.

EtymologySửa đổi

The Japanese name for Dyne, urawaza, translates to "underhanded tricks".

The Dyne is also a somewhat obsolete unit to measure forces. It is the force required to accelerate a mass of one gram at a rate of one centimeter per second per second, which in SI-derived units is exactly 1·0×10-5 Newtons (10μN).

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