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"Journey across the Paramina Rift to the Stilshrine of Miriam. There rests the gift he entrusted to the Gran Kiltias of his time. Seek it out. The Sword of Kings…can cut through Nethicite."
—Anastasis of Kiltias

Di tích Miriam (ミリアム遺跡, Miriamu iseki, Miriam di tích) là một địa danh ở thế giới Ivalice trong Final Fantasy XII. It is a temple located in snowy mountains, housing a powerful artifact.

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"An ancient shrine deep within the Jagd Ramooda. Like Raithwall's tomb, this, too, was constructed in the time of the Galtean Alliance, originally to honor the ancient god of swords and martial might. It is said that a Gran Kiltias of long ago selected the Stilshrine to house the relics of Dynast-King Raithwall, though why he chose this site, and not a temple of his own sect, is unclear."

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Not much is known about the Stilshrine. It is named after an ancient god of swords and martial might (also referred to as a goddess elsewhere in the game). It was built during the time of the Galtean Alliance, by the Gran Kiltias of that time. The Sword of Kings rests, sealed deep within. No one knows why the Sword was left with the Gran Kiltias and not kept by King Raithwall himself.

LocationSửa đổi

The Stilshrine of Miriam is located in a territory near the Paramina Rift. Flying there is normally impossible, so the characters are forced to cross the Paramina Rift, exiting from Mt. Bur-Omisace, and seek out the Sword of Kings, a sword which can cut a piece of Deifacted Nethicite or destroy it.

ArchitectureSửa đổi

The Stilshrine has a design similar to other places built during the Galtean Alliance, like the Sochen Cave Palace. Unlike other buildings from this era though, it is in much better condition, thanks to the effort of the Kiltia. The guardians of the Stilshrine even consist of the walls themselves. The technology to do this has since been lost.

StorySửa đổi

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Princess Ashe has decided to fight the Empire, but with no nethicite to use for a weapon after the Dawn Shard lost its power, the outlook looks grim. The Gran Kiltias Anastasis on Mt. Bur-Omisace tells Ashe of the Sword of Kings resting deep inside the Stilshrine of Miriam. A sword, that can cut through nethicite, to destroy the Empire's most powerful of weapons.

The party venture inside the shrine and eventually come across the sword. Balthier urges Ashe to test the sword on the Dawn Shard to see if it really works. Ashe hesitates and sees the ghostly vision of Lord Rasler, shaking his head at her. She still picks up the sword and raises it to the stone, but on purpose misses the mark. Fran says the stone fears the sword, and Ashe says she is positive this sword is the real Sword of Kings.

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