Final Fantasy X Dark Aeon
Dark Mindy
ヘレティック・ラグ (Heretikku Lagu)
Thông Số
HP (Overkill) MP
2,000,000 (99,999) 999
Strength Magic Defense
148 248 187
M. Defense Agility Accuracy
132 233 255
Evasion Luck
240 130
AP (Overkill) Gil
10,000 (12,000) 0
Thuộc Tính
Fire Lightning Water Ice Holy
- - - - -
Địa Điểm Mushroom Rock Road
Steal Được Teleport Sphere
Hiếm Steal Được Elixir
Thường Rơi Dark Matter
Hiếm Khi Rơi Master Sphere
Rơi Weapon Magic Booster, One MP Cost, Triple Overdrive, Break Damage Limit
Rơi Armor Auto-Haste, Break HP Limit, Ribbon
Bribe N/A
Kĩ Năng Passado, Calamity, Mega-Graviton
Ronso Rage N/A
Kháng Lại Zanmato (Lv. 5)
Miễn Dịch Silence, Sleep, Darkness, Poison, Petrification, Slow, Zombie, Power Break, Magic Break, Armor Break, Mental Break, Threaten, Death, Provoke, Doom, Distil, Sensor, Scan, Gravity, Delay, Eject

Dark Mindy is an optional boss in the International and PAL versions of Final Fantasy X. She can be encountered at Mushroom Rock Road. She can be fought together with her sisters, Dark Sandy and Dark Cindy, or alone, if the player manages to escape the other two.

StrategySửa đổi

The entire party should have Accuracy and Agility at 255, and Luck at 100 or higher. Very high Strength and Defense are also necessary. As long as she is fought alone, she is very easy to defeat. Her regular attacks target only one character at a time, so if the entire party has the Auto-Phoenix ability, they will not cause much trouble. When she is alone, or only with Sandy, her Overdrive is Mega-Graviton. It causes Gravity damage, as well as several status aliments. Passado is also dangerous and it causes 99.999 damage thus Death but will target only one character at a time so with Auto-Phoenix you should do okay. When she is with both Sandy and Cindy, they will use their deadly Delta Attack, which deals 99,999 damage and ignores Auto-Life.

As any other enemy, she can be killed instantly by Yojimbo's Zanmato attack. But that would not be very sporting now would it.

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