The Cloister of Trials in Macalania Temple.

"Those who seek to learn of Yevon's secret arts are tested by the Cloister of Trials. Find the right way, and you will be taken to the Chamber of the Fayth."

The Cloister of Trials is a feature of the Temples of Yevon in the game Final Fantasy X. Each Cloister is a large puzzle which players solve in order to advance to the Chamber of the Fayth. Solving a Cloister involves such actions as pushing moving pedestals, removing or replacing a variety of Spheres (each temple has a sphere named after it, while all temples have Glyph and Destruction spheres), or strategically activating or deactivating moving elements of the Cloister's structure. No battles occur while characters are within the Cloister. After each Cloister of Trials, the summoner Yuna obtains a new Aeon.

Cloisters of Trials are present in Besaid Temple, Kilika Temple, Djose Temple, Bevelle Temple, Macalania Temple, and Zanarkand. They are not present in the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth, Remiem Temple, or Baaj Temple.

The player can unlock the Aeon Anima by obtaining all the secret chests that are revealed by Destruction Spheres, with the exception of Bevelle, in which the player obtains the item right before the Chamber of the Fayth (due to the fact that the party will not be able to enter the temple again).

Only summoners and their guardians are permitted to enter the Cloisters of Trials; as evidenced to Wakka's dialogue to Tidus at Kilika, the summoner him/herself will get into trouble if any non-guardians accompany them.

Two years into the Eternal Calm, the Cloisters of Trials have been rendered off-limits to everyone.

  • Glyph Sphere - Activates a door or a switch on most occasions, appears to be green.
  • Besaid Sphere - Similar to the Glyph sphere, but more general to the Besaid Temple.
  • Kilika Sphere - A fiery sphere that creates a flame.
  • Djose Sphere - An electric sphere that creates a power surge through a specific path.
  • Macalania Sphere - An ice sphere that will freeze a specific area.
  • Bevelle Sphere - A blue sphere used to create and remove walkways.
  • Destruction Sphere - A purple sphere that will destroy a wall or obstacle of some kind, which leads to a special treasure. Collecting each treasure in the temples that is associated with this sphere will enable Anima to be summoned in Baaj Temple.
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