Cid (シド, Shido) is the leader of the Al Bhed faction in the world of Final Fantasy X and the captain of the Fahrenheit, an Airship excavated from the desert. He is the father of Rikku and Brother, and Yuna's uncle on her mother's side.

Very loud and boisterous like his son, Cid is impulsive and quick to anger. He is very proud of his Machina airships and was responsible for building the Al Bhed base, Home, on Bikanel.

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Prior to the events of Final Fantasy X, Cid and the Al Bhed were visited by Braska, who eventually fell in love with and married Cid's sister, a situation that proved somewhat disastrous for both: Braska was cast out of the clergy of Yevon, and Cid disowned his sister, though he relented significantly after Yuna's birth and his sister's murder at Sin's hands.

Final Fantasy XSửa đổi

In Final Fantasy X, Cid is responsible for abducting summoners in an attempt to make sure no more summoners sacrifice themselves bringing about the Calm. He is also responsible for salvaging the Fahrenheit, the party's airship. His actions eventually result in the Guado attack on the Al Bhed, which ends in Cid ordering the destruction of Home.

Final Fantasy X-2Sửa đổi

Two years after the defeat of Sin, Cid decided to make Zanarkand a tourist attraction. When the Gullwings found out about his business, Rikku told him that what he was doing was like turning Home into an amusement park. After he realized that, he slowly shut the tourism down. Later in the game the group has to save him from a cave in the Thunder Plains. He mainly stays in the engine room of the Celsius afterward, but will move up to the bar after his quarreling with Rikku and Brother.

Final Fantasy X-2 International + Last MissionSửa đổi

Cid is mentioned to have started another new business with partner O'aka XXIII at Mount Gagazet's hot springs, another sceme to make money to rebuild Home. The business is in poor success, however.

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